The Inner Ravens

Something is happening inside me and truth be told I always thought that my full circle ego death would end up being the Ravens and now I’m Self Actualizing that it’s actually the Fae Soul Self.

Typing this out is even weird to express because I kept pumping so much effort into my previous Nature Magic and Fae Soul Streams but the transition had my Heart Opening to the Ravens Heart Path into the Dragon Fae on a much deeper level. I even left the Fae Soul Stream as I realized that I was STILL trying to birth a Dream that was never mine to embody & package, but a Collective prophecy unfolding. Though I definitely still empower the Fae Soul Consciousness and was still supportive of all that had been woven, I felt completely whole in my own Internal Alchemy of the Faery Accord. This shift had me more rooted in the Heart Path of the Dragon and ready to move forward.

The Polarization of the Self is the Internal Twin Dragons – RA

I suppose that the Fae Soul Consciousness and that of the Dragon was always one and the same and even Dea had spoken to me about this before; “Are you still separating them?” she had inquired in one of our reflection calls. At the time I was still unaware that I was still minimizing my own truth in order to teach it to others and had told her that I felt it was easier for others to connect to the Dragon through the Faerie and the Ravens. However, the story has always just been unfolding and self actualization has no place for shame or guilt, nor does it STOP! So I was once again moving forward while simultaneously observing the seeds I had planted in the past Haven bloom through my current Raven Dragon Path.

A Collective of Ravens is called an “Unkindness”

As much as sometimes others get confused or don’t necessary love that I change direction my choices always felt progressive and expansive to my heart. This is the way I have chosen to experience my life and I was about to venture into a REAL “The Self” which imo is the New Earth “Persona Identity” and I wasn’t even attached to it. Funny to think since even my name is Raven; but believe it or not the name actually helps me be less attached to the Ravens in my Ego and it feels more akin to flying alongside them through the Collective Unkindness of my own Inner Animist [Anima/Animus] and its links to the Universal Soul of Earth. However, to say that my Ego & Shadow weren’t identified in the Ravens isn’t true, but it was at least something I enjoyed and felt right to me at this time.

As mentioned on The Raven Method page and my insta, the Ravens as a Medicine offered people that Inner Pair; the Sacred Viewpoint of the Collective Shadow and our own inner projections of man and woman outwards; in order to call them back into our consciousness. I liked that about them; though I did tend to get stuck in their BDSM Trickster games & bliss from time to time. Which is how Jung’s mythos tended to manifest maladaptive for me.

Enter Morgana Le Fay.

Morgan(a) Le Fay – Gods & Demons Video Game Art

Sigh, to any conscious mythology informed individual, ESPECIALLY to those here observing me this entire time, the choice to explore the Raven Essence through her might seem odd. Especially if you were privy to her Character inside me and my unconscious past actions surrounding Avalon’s mythology in me.

However, in my past Shadow Shifting processes every time I integrated a Part, a Witch Craft Character or integrated beyond a Myth, that’s where they were left; and I moved forward. With Morgana, however, I was feeling called to RE-ENTER her, albeit more consciously and less attached. It felt right to at least attempt to dedicate my Self to a Feminine form of a Dark Goddess and move deeper into my stream of Raven Medicine beyond the Pair. It’s really something I had never truly done! However, even after discussing this choice with others it felt right. I would dive deeper into her, into getting to know her in this way and in turn shift my unconscious desire to be Mastered by a man into a conscious devotional journey to the feminine form of the Dragon Fae. Now I could save the fantasies for the bedroom and get deeper into my real skills and capabilities as both a Psycho-Shamanic Magician and a Faery Witch.

The Ravens are a DEEP Medicine one can explore within themselves. – RA

However, I ONLY knew Morgana through my own experiences of what I had finally Self actualized was her in my unconscious. So, moving towards her in a devotional way to honour the Sacred Feminine and the Ravens beyond my own Animist and into the Dragon Fae felt epic! I have been exploring rooting deeper into the Womb of Earth and after all the dust was settled, I realized that what the Ravens truly gifted me was my True Self. I was getting an opportunity to explore my Dark Goddess Path and make it my own while offering a more Heart aligned way for Morgana’s energies to interact with my own Magick into embodying the full Medicine Woman.

The Medicine Woman is what I really aspired to be deep down, I just never felt like it was something I had in me. I felt too “white” or too “inexperienced” to truly go there. However, the Plants more so than any Faerie or Creature are what call to me most, second is the Water itself, then ritualist ceremonial Magick. So I was excited to venture forth, even though it felt really foreign to me. I prefer working in the Underworld Currents, so I felt called to open my energies back up to the Medicine Woman Womb through the exploration of the Dark Goddess. The Raven Magick pathway I was on definitely awarded that.

I truly love working in the Raven flow! I feel it’s a privilege. ESPECIALLY on the Lands I currently settle on. The storylines that intuitively flowed through me as a result of their Ancestors being here was gifts that always humbled me. Often I would cry such deep profound self actualizations the more time I had spent with the Haudenosaunee Guides that would come in to aide me in balancing my own Ancestry with theirs; showing me the prophecies of the Lands here and how I could reconcile the energies within me to reflect outwards into my generational lines. Now I would be reversing things and attempting to work with my Ancestry in the Celtic Isles while bridging that over here.

The Ravens were a significant part of these practices and ceremonies and I was honoured to do the work, even though most people wouldn’t really understand it, nor be privy to it. The deep Dragon currents and Earth energies reconciling were my most Sacred parts of my path and I didn’t need the world to see it; those in my life experienced it with me and that was beautiful in its own way.

Artist – Nicolas Lenatti (@niko_lenatti)

There’s two Sacred sites that I visit in my area one I speak of publicly as it’s in open sight and the other is completely secret. Both are on the battlegrounds of the war of 1812. Both had the Indigenous People’s and my Ancestors fighting next to each other and so I have done much work to earn passage into healing these bloodlines between us. One thing that I am currently exploring is how I can reverse these practices as mentioned above.

So, instead of receiving information from the Lands and offering in the physical to gain access to the Dream and extending that outwards, I would now be entering the Dream with the Indigenous Guides with offerings to gain access to the physical in Avalon. Most people nowadays are super skilled with Astral travel and neo-shamanism BUT as a reflection of Raven Medicine my values didn’t align with pushing past my means. What I mean by this is that I truly respected the 3D more than any other realm or reality now. What that devotion has taught me is that there IS a process to be able to truly do ANY thing; whether it be shift into a Power Animal or purge generational trauma; there really is a RELATIONSHIP of equal exchange that must happen.

Most people are SUPER awake and skilled at higher levels intuitively now, so it becomes more about right relationship and putting in the devotional time to connect. That is what I have been doing with Morgana since Beltane. I found this amazing article on reasons to fall in love with working with her, but due to pop culture she is RIDDLED in story, including some BIG Hollywood & Disney narratives! So, the great news is that I am entering into my relationship with her very consciously, having already unwoven myself out of it. As a intuitive Shadow Worker I would recommend not taking her lightly; she has sexual wounding and narratives similar to Lilith/Eve. So just as working with any Archetypal Structure or Mythos; take into account the wounds in story that could be interacting with your unconscious. Then, when/if they surface you can work with the Deity/Character /Guide/Animal/Ally to remove it on a deeper, collective level.

Water is so vital to working with Morgana in my personal experience.

With that being said, I decided it was time to do a meditative Ritual with Morgana after speaking with both Fey Fire and Dea about working with her. It is always good to ask others who have past experiences working in similar energies; then stick with your Heart. To inspire a deeper connection over the last Full Moon I had made her a special urn of water, that I blessed ever few days and cleared out placing fresh offerings from my personal Plant Ally collection, wrapped in a Willow crown. I offered things to her regularly and placed Brian Froud’s “The Dark Lady” on another Altar space to represent her.

Then I set the space, put on a drum track and allowed her into my sacred container; here she was; “Raven” I felt it instantly, she wouldn’t judge the split I could move beyond her mythos and Jung’s and move into my own. I think I had been trying to do that but in all the wrong ways. I should’ve been going inwards, instead of fighting patriarchy, but that was what Morgana has been showing me; that I don’t need to play her role! I don’t need to remain on “both sides”, I don’t need to embody this “badass” epic character – she was already doing that and I could lean into her truth at a Core and weave my own Raven Medicine out of it with her help.

The Dark Lady is the Crone Aspect of the Goddess

I don’t want to share the other parts of what has surfaced with her because it involves my Indigenous Guides and since I am not Indigenous to the Lands I reside on I keep all that I am given through their reflections to myself. However, Morgana was definitely helping bring Avalon’s healing light into the Lands here and I was learning how to connect deeper into the Dragon Consciousness in a way that moved energies beyond The Self.

That felt like a new page and I was finally turning it,


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