The Raven Magick Podcast

Welcome to my own podcast! The Raven Magick Podcast, which is an active portal dedicated to helping others explore their Shadow safely; illuminating different strategies, dream therapies, embodied ritualistic practices and other integration methods that empower the individual through their own Psycho-Shamanic and integrative processes.

The Shadow needs a holistic expression and voice and I wanted to Craft a sacred container to enlighten others on how Shadow Work can be something we incorporate into our everyday lives as an integrative experience. On this podcast I will be inviting Guests from all different backgrounds to highlight different strategies and Sacred Viewpoints on the Shadow; both in personal and collective ways. It is my hope that in doing so I can act as a true embodiment of the Medicine of the Ravens; which are gifted psychopomps illuminating the undercurrents of the Collective Unkindness and how we can best birth more unconscious aspects of ourselves into more Consciousness to create a better world overall.

The podcast official trailer [which is also available on Spotify, Anchor, Google etc] is embedded below so you get an idea of what it’s all about and Episode #1 is an introduction episode about where I’ve come from and why I’ve decided to open up this stream of conversation to help provided a wider perspective on Shadow Work and what we can do to create a better quality of life when we look at it as a gateway into releasing past traumas and opening to more self love.

Below is the Intro Episode on YouTube but it is also available on Spotify, Anchor & Google [Soon to be Apple and others] where you meet me, your Host; Raven Alison and I discuss about rooting into the Sacred Lands we reside on and the Medicine of the Ravens themselves and how they link to not only my name but my dharma this life experience.

Join Raven Alison and Toni-Anne Butterworth-Myers in a Two-Part segment on Shadow Work from both a psychological Archetypal viewpoint and a deeply embodied mystical perspective. Toni-Anne has a Masters in Psychology and is the Creatrix behind Soul Journeying Women; providing mentorship for divine feminine beings wishing to approach their traumas, shadows and Self from a more holistic nature.

Below is part one of the series where we look at Shadow Work as a Pathway to Self Love.

Next is part two where Toni-Anne and Raven explore the Maladaptive Undercurrents of Shadow Work and how YOU can transform that into becoming a neutral, loving observer to your own Self.

Thank you for sharing, listing and supporting The Raven Magick Podcast and if you or someone you know feels like they would be a good guest speaker or co-host please email me directly

The Raven Magick Podcast
Helping others explore their Shadows safely!

I am very passionate about bringing the Unconscious into Consciousness and helping bridge a more holistic view of the Mental Body back into harmony with both Earth and the individual on a Spiritual, Physical and Emotional level. We are not our illnesses or projected labels, nor are we all of our “Parts”, we are Divine Multidimensional Beings at our core and our gifts can be safely grounded and honoured when the Dream & the Shadow is integrated into our Waking Reality.

Thank you for giving the Shadow space to become SEEN & heard from the depths of our Collective Unconscious!

-Raven xx

Your podcast host, Raven Alison is a Psycho-Shamanic Mystic helping others with Shadow integration & Embodied Dream Medicine through Ritual Magick & Craft. Raven has apprenticed under three different Shamanic Lineages ranging from the Celtic Isles through South America. She is also certified in different disciplines of Shadow Work, including Jungian Dream methods. Raven recently graduated from an introductory program in Dream therapy & analysis and has found that her best Personal Medicine is that which the Ravens reflect; she helps empower others to be their own Healing Medicine; teaching, reflecting and guiding others to retrieve their own Soul fragments and deepest Dreams through psycho-shamanic ritual & embodied experiential practices. This allows those choosing to work with her personal sovereignty to embrace their own Sacred Path and learn to integrate the Shadow safely in their everyday life experiences. Raven also has a unique way of leveraging the imagination as a tool of developing one’s connection to the Otherworld and grounding it as a tangible part of this world, rooted in Earth. Raven will always reflect how important a relationship with both our Ancestors and the Lands we reside on is for integration of the Collective Unconscious and how vital the Dream is at bridging Shamanic relationships back into our lives.