The Raven Magick Podcast

Welcome to my own podcast which will be an active space we can explore the Shadow safely and illuminate different Dream Medicines and Embodied Ritualistic practices that empower the individual through their own Psycho-Shamanic processes.

This is my podcast official trailer which is also available on all listening platforms and Episode #1 is an intro to me and the Shadow and grounding into the Sacred Lands.

This is the first Episode on YouTube but it is also available on Spotify & Anchor

Thank you for sharing, listing and supporting The Raven Magick Podcast and if you or someone you know feels like they would be a good guest speaker or co-host please email me directly

I am very passionate about bringing the Unconscious into Consciousness and helping bridge the Mental Body back into harmony with both Earth and the individual. We are not our illnesses or projected labels, we are Divine at our core Essence and our gifts can be safely grounded and honoured when they the Dream is integrated as equal to Waking Reality.

Thank you for supporting me!