The Fae Soul Stream.

Hello, it’s been so long. Almost immediately after my last story entry I rid myself of the Human as they weren’t in alignment with the Faery Accord. Then I spent a lot of time Shifting through my own Humanity and the Dark side of the Fae. I’m also not currently able to stand or walk for long periods of time and thus Forest Dancing is not in my reality. I’ve been undiagnosed and will see a specialist in August. So after my deeper dive into how my Inner Human and Faerie were playing out, I started an Open Sharing Erotic Kinks circle that I host on Monday evenings so those of us wishing to better understand and integrate the BDSM Power dynamic within the Human/Faerie would have a safe space to do that. [I have since put this on hold but MIGHT open it back up – so if that interests you drop your email here]

I feel like I just needed to add an entry to update anyone following along, I just flow through life and Shift through my own Shadows as I go. Much like my innate way of doing Witch Craft and Enchantment Magicks; I just LIVE it! I embody the Sacred Thread of my Heart and Soul and make each day of my existence ritualistic and go about it as my own Faerytale, allowing my Threads to interweave into other Fae Souls traversing their own unique Faerytales.

I was feeling Frouds’ Glanconer with Selkies’ Ruuna

This is what makes this post exciting for me to share; The Fae Soul Stream has officially grounded into reality. Together; Selkie, DeerHart, Asfodel and I started a Fae Soul Artist Collective on instagram and Taylor and Bri came in for our first ever event; an online Hawthorn Summit. This was hosted publicly through our new instagram the first week of May, right after Beltane. All Lives are on the feed so don’t worry if you missed it! I also completely closed down my ngnaturemagic insta and made it private and unfollowed all but 13 accounts and I will continue to remove followers not in alignment with the Faery Accord. I also updated my URL to “” so things are in motion.


Don’t worry! I will be consciously funnelling my Nature Magic stream into the Fae Soul Collective page and host workshops through there with others that are walking similar paths; bringing Enchantment to Earth. Healing our own Selves, in order to inspire the Health of the Planet. DeerHart has an ecological naturalist educational background like I do and Crafts Sacred Forest Staffs, Selkie is my faerie bestie and a talented Faery Witch and Artist, Asfodel is a talented multidimensional Fae Soul Artist and together we make up the Fae Soul Team. We will also begin opening up a Weekly instaLive time slot for other Fae Souls to share their unique Faerie Gifts, as this is the change! We are no longer working alone – this is us accepting WE ARE FAE and we want to do more to help inspire that in grounded reality in alignment with Earth.

I also started a new personal instagram account to share how my unique stream of Raven Medicine and Magick that flows through me. It’s been quite illuminating having my own corner of the Enchanted Forest to branch out of the past dreams and focus in on what I actually enjoy doing from Heart. Lots of the things I practice privately are slowly being reflected outwards as I get braver with being in my own Skin. One main thread of my Raven Medicine is what I refer to as the Mer Essence. This is simply a current of energy I have tapped into in my own Fae Soul that was deeply rooted in the old storylines of The Siren Archetypal Structure. I have personally done a lot of Shadow exploration and integration to “free” these denser stories into Free form Essences one can learn to tap into for themselves. Mer is also connected to the Dragon Consciousness in the Blue and Black currents from how I am perceiving it presently. I host open drop in classes every Wednesday through instaLive at 2pm est. So I’d love for you to come test the subconscious waters of your own Mer Essence!

Another thing I am only just Self Actualizing and starting to slowly open myself up to sharing is my Embodied Ritual Magick and Metal Witch Craft processes. I think it took me a long time to really fully land here; in my truth regarding the Pole. For those that have been following me for this entire journey, I was in fact a Pole Dancer many years ago. Then in 2019 I put a pole in my apartment and began dancing with it again. Then my Pole practice lead me into the Forest Trees and I began dancing with Trees, leveraging the Pole as a tool inside my Imagination to channel energies between it as a transferrable skill to the Forest. Then, in May 2020 I fell out of a Hemlock Tree and also had a kundalini awakening a few months after that. That is when my Siren Sight opened and I saw EVERYTHING I had unconsciously created and had to untangle my own Self out of both the Trees and the Dark shamanism and witchcraft I had been doing in ignorance with my Pole, without realizing my full power. So presently I have not ‘danced’ with my Sacred Pole for a long time. As it evolved on my Sacred Path to become one of my most Cherished Divination tools. Now I use it consciously for my Magick and Ritual Faery Witch practices as well as a grounding “Tree” to communicate with the Wood Wide Web & the Dream Weave.

This is the most at home I’ve ever felt inside my Fae Soul Self

I hope to spend the next year really diving into that for myself and in the future aspire to teach other Pole Magicians the Sacred Power and Magickal Ritual available to them through Metal Magick. I actually love and prefer using it this way, so now when people ask about it I’m like “No! I am NOT a pole dancer, I am a Psycho-Shamanic Dragon Fae Witch“. It truly is more akin to an Altar space and my Personal ‘Tree’ in my living room. That’s just for me! So sharing it is something I’m treading lightly with but I am slowly opening up. For those wishing to explore Metals Enchanting capabilities alongside each other, HERE is a great article on magical properties of some common Metals you might feel called to work with. Many Indigenous Cultures also would shave Trees down to use as Sacred Poles in many Ceremonial Rituals. So it wasn’t surprising to me that my Connection to the Trees as Elders would lead me here. As they are connected to all these Lands and I currently reside on Haudenosaunee Territory and though they don’t have these practices some of the Lakota practices did surface through my embodied ceremony without knowing what it truly was.

Sacred Path Cards – Jamie Sams.

The Sun Dance is an example of one EXTREMELY Sacred Indigenous Ritual that involves a Tree Pole, and I don’t wish to discuss it here but that really changed my entire scope on the Pole and it’s meaning for my own Dragon Fae Heart 🙂 It also helped me integrate and heal my broken Grail Knight in my Yang (from my blood lineage) with the Lands here in my Inner Warrior. So I definitely recommend looking it up or asking an Indigenous Elder in your area if they will share about it or other practices. Keep in mind it is not their job to educate us privilege folk. So always ask in kind and do your best not to culturally appropriate their Sacred Teachings.

Anyway, I just wanted to add an entry on where I’m currently at on my own Sacred Path and let everyone know about the Fae Soul Stream!!! We would love to have you in that communal space because we will be better able to come together and work our Enchantment Magicks for a greater purpose than the Self, we can do magic in alignment with Earth!

Go to the Trees!

~ Raven

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