Entering The Collective Faery Tale….


…what IS a Faery Tale?

A TRUE Faery Tale IS a Collective Story, occurring whether one is aware of it or not. This happens inside ones Psyche through Symbols, Characters and Archetypal Motifs that exist beyond our Individual Stories. I am personally learning how to become a more Heart Aligned Conscious Dream Weaver. Spider is an Ally I am currently Deepening my relating with on my own Sacred Heart Path. We are collectively pulling the Threads of Destiny and re-weaving our Future as we actively Shift Shadows in ourselves, and thus the Earth itself. That IS a Faerytale Unfolding, one where we can take part in together, each contributing to a Larger Vision of health for each other and our Planet.

Entering the Collective Faery Tale is an Adventurous Courageous Inner Heart Quest one can choose to explore within them Selves. This is done through our Relating Function of Thought and Soul = THE ANIMIST. The Animist is a Gender Neutral Archetypal Structure that I have learned to Conscious Tap into. That is the Soul Frequency of Earth and I call it the “Fae Soul Stream” where you choose to walk into the living, breathing, ever flowing pages of an Ancient Natural Magick that lives Deep inside your own Heart Truth and Soul Remembrance.


Thank you for being Heart Open to discovering your OWN Heart Truth within the Enchanted “Patch” of your own Fae Soul Storyline and how it Weaves into the Bigger Dream Weave; A SACRED Space, a Gift from Great Spirit. It’s a Collective Story Unfolding that weaves into Earth’s very Blood Core Essence with the Red Rays of the Distorted Dragon Lineages long forgotten in their Purest State. It is not always easy to accept what we have been convinced we are not, but that IS Shifting through Shadows as your Mer Essence of Being and Becoming. Alchemizing Shadow Identities that no longer serve us and Remembering our Core Mer Essence by Illuminating the Darkness of the Heart in Flames of TRUTH.

This is a Fae Soul Portal into that of a Sacred Grove held in the Essence of The Raven for all us Divine Earthly Creatures to feel Safe Grounding in this Fae Soul Consciousness. When we use our Higher Vision Dreaming Powers Together we become more capable to expand and reflect deeper Collective Heart Truths which will be of Individual Benefit to us. Much like the Wood Wide Web, we too are like Individual Trees acting as Pillars of Light and Energetic exchange through the Dream Weave and Earth Crystalline Communication System. 


The Tree Elders have shown me how to Open to my own Heart Vision to the Raven’s View and relax and explore the deepest Dreams of the Internal Faery Accord so that I can Reflect them out to others as they integrate to their individual Heart Truths. The Faery Accord is a TriFold agreement between Humans, Faeries & Creatures working in Unity & Partnership, anchored in our Core Mythology into Two Trees.  The Trees are an instant connection to Serpent and Dragon Energies because they are our Eldest Wisdom Keepers and thus know of ALL Story. Everything the mind creates is a Story Thread. When we can feel safely held to explore of Dreams, Fantasies, Eroticism & Trauma Story Characters and Narratives we can reveal Parts of our Heart Truths we never imagined. By giving your Self permission to Enact better Storylines and explore your Current ones without a Animist Judge we can birth newness and life into reality though our Mer Essence of Being and Becoming. 

Fantasy and Magic are only illusions to one that has closed their Heart Sight and chosen to Allow those Third Eye Gifts to remain in “the closet” of what’s considered “normal”. We are Dream Weaving this together, as one functioning Unit, we don’t have to Hide our Dragon Hearts. Open your Heart to your Fae Souls loving Magick, lift the “Rose” off your Third Eye and allow your Spirit to reveal life’s Faery Tale Unfolding! 


As Brain Froud, known for his extensive role in healing this forgotten part of our Earth once said:

In one sense, Faery is a land of the past, where the spirit world and the human world once worked in close harmony. In the faeries’ presence, we experience a nostalgic yearning for that time…and for all the lost hopes and all the lost dreams, all that once was or might have been, and may someday be again.

In acting within alignment with the Faery Accord and the Nature Guardian Dragon Energies of the Enchanted Earth, I would like to acknowledge that my current Faery Tale is being experienced on the Sacred Lands of the Haudenosaunee and Anishnaabeg Treaty Territories. These Sacred Lands are protected by the “Dish With One Spoon” wampum agreement which is connected to the Crown Lands of which my own blood lineages are from.  I also wish to allow whatever Sacred Traditions and Teachings that I am gifted through my relationship with the Earth and the Indigenous Community to become infused into my own Faerie Teachings and Wisdoms.


I am honoured to be Enchanted, Embodied and rooted into the Fae Soul Stream here this life!! That flow INCLUDES the Under World and the “Darkness” of our Individual and Collective Shadows. Good Faeries & Bad Faeries are the Archetypal Heart Fluid of working in the Fae Soul Consciousness. This Flow allows ease of integration of the Human; which holds corruption and predatory energies that must be explored to root back into Earth and Humans as a Species. Grounding in ones Human safely helps bridge the Enchanted realm even more into Earth because of the Creature portion of the Trifold Agreement and that includes ones Inner Animal.

….so Trust your Open Heart & Soul to Guide you through the Magick that has always been true for you as you deem true for your own Sacred Heart Path. 

Thank you for existing and supporting Earth,

~ Raven Alison