Who is Raven?

“I will always strive to embody more of my Heart’s Truth in each moment of existence”

– Raven.

Raven Alison is a Psycho-Shamanic Mystical Guide that specializes in Shadow & Dream Integration. She empowers individuals to become their own Hero, Healer & Medicine by reflecting their own capacity to integrate their Unconscious Parts. Raven is dedicated to making the Collective Shadow more VISIBLE and providing experiential methods for others to become more Conscious & loving to themselves. She believes that when we allow ourselves the opportunity to explore our Shadow Parts in safe, non-judgemental & holistic ways, we can remember that we already had ALL we required inside our own Self. Raven wishes that more people had access to integrating mental and emotional trauma from childhood, intergenerational patterns and ancestral mythogenetics in a more Psycho-Shamanic way. She strives to live in alignment with the Faery Accord, which is a threefold partnership between Humans, Faeries and Creatures, inspiring others to include the Otherworld as an equal part of this World, just as our Ancestors did.

We need to be able to explore our Collective Unconscious in Safer Communities, free from judgement, while empowering a Healing space to provide others more tools to cultivate Self Love in holistic ways that bridge our Multidimensional capacities”

– RA

…what IS The Raven Magick anyway?

The Raven Magick is my unique way of reflecting the Medicine of the Ravens as I experience them outwards. I feel honoured to inspire others to connect to their mystical powers in a way that allows the individual to safely explore their own Shadows; birthing Subconscious parts into Consciousness. The Ravens are a stream of own Personal Medicine and I choose to fly with them, not only because of my name, but because they hold a deep sacred meaning to me for my own Path this lifetime.

Ravens are also talented psychopomps and shapeshifters. Shapeshifting is the FIRST ever form of Human influence within the Collective Psyche, which imo is the basis of true Psycho-Shamanism. On my own Journey it was in the embracing of the Underworld through the Animals and shifting, that allowed me to Self Actualize many of my own methods for ritualistically integrating the Shadow as an embodied way of moving through life.

The Ravens are beautiful to work with as Sacred Universal Allies moving through both, Personal and Collective Shadows. For me, the Magick & Medicine the Ravens gift us can truly help anyone untangle karmic, ancestral and collective storylines within their own Soul. Much like my fellow Ravens, I too love helping others feel empowered to re-weave old patterns, bringing the subconscious into awareness, as I watch them simply grow more into themselves. I strive to act as both an eternal student and a trusted guide for anyone that crosses my Sacred Path.

The Ravens as an Internal Pair can help balance the Inner Magician and Witch as a harmonious Creational Force. – RA

Not every Magician is a Shaman BUT every Shaman is a Magician and The Raven Magick as a Sacred Path has inspired me to carve out a new story for the Collective Magician as an embodiment of the Ravens Medicine in my own unique way. It was my way of inviting others into its true Healing powers; bringing light and medicine to the Shadow; giving it a life, a voice and an opportunity to be seen. Acting as almost a permission slip with my own reflection for others to explore deeper into their own magickal Shadows rebirthing them into Light aligned with Earth.

Many people in today’s society are calling themselves Shaman without any knowledge of exactly what this means. If the would-be shaman does not have the ability to look at his or her own shadow side, this person is not meant to follow the Path of the Shaman. This person would never be able to confront or handle the results and/or intentions of black shamanism. […] True Medicine People do not have to announce or brag that they are Shamans or Medicine People at all. They work quietly with humility because they know their worth in the eyes of Great Mystery. The opinions of others do not change the sense of Self held by a True Healer or Shaman. A Shaman has walked up to the gates of his or her personal hell and then walked in. The quality that always shines in a True Shaman is compassion for the paths that others must walk. This comes from the fact that the Shaman has also walked through the Underworld of the shadow and knows firsthand the pain involved in breaking the stranglehold of inner darkness.

– Jamie Sam’s – Hancoka Olowampi (Midnight Song)

The one thing that has remained constant for my entire life’s Journey, that is that I choose to walk a very Shamanic Path. Walking through life in an extremely Psycho-Shamanic way that leverages a symbolic ritualistic experience with each step. This allows integration of one’s Shadow Self to unfold as a portal towards more heart alignment and self love. However, at a core I am not different than you; just another Divine Earthly Being consciously participating the Collective Unfolding.

I have an extensive background in many traditions of Shamanism, apprenticing with three different Mentors from lineages ranging from South America through the Celtic Isles. I prefer to call myself a “Psycho-Shamanic Mystic” because of the nature in which I consciously conjure Archetypes, engage with Myth, Dreams and use Ritual Magick in all my Shadow integration practices. I became so passionate about Shadow Work as a result of my own internal alchemy and processes after an intense and dangerous Spiritual Awakening that I decided to study it deeper and became a Certified Shadow Worker and completed a additional education diploma in Dream Analysis & Therapy.

I find that experiential embodied Dream Work has proven to be an integral part of many of my Shadow integration methods. I am also a extremely passionate about true Shapeshifting; which is something I have been fine-tuning in direct alignment with the Raven Medicine path of my own dharma. This is a skill-set I hold close to my Heart, as I find that there isn’t a lot of great information on it and how our Animal Allies and Guides can help us integrate deep layers of the Shadow. Many limit Shifting to the Mind or the Dream and it has truly only been through the embodied art of Shapeshifting and embodied Ritual that has ensured these Ancient practices are more rooted into tangible reality and Earth.

Symbolically Crafting our own Spiritual Gear is what brings the Dream into Waking Reality. – RA

Through my own Journey I have also done extensive work to consciously include and integrate The Faery Accord, both internally and externally. The Faery Accord is rooted in a creational myth that involves the equal partnership of Faeries, Humans & Creatures, some call this the Heart Path of the Dragon.

Through my own integration and understanding of the Dragon as a Creational Life Force that flows through the Earth’s Consciousness into the Collective, I have opened up to helping others explore these aspects of Self as well. I am quite skilled and helping others bring forth their unconscious faerytale and dream “Kinks” into the consciousness. These parts of the Shadow can be found within this Internal Alchemy of the Soul. I feel strong in devoting my Path to the Bigger Collective Vision, surrendering my gifts to best align with my service to the Earth in alignment with the Indigenous Lands I currently reside upon (Haudenosaunee & Anishnaabeg) and The Faery Accord as a tangible way to live a more mythically embodied life experience in harmony with All of Life and our Planet

My work within the Faery Accord as an Internal integration of Self, sets me apart from traditional Shadow Workers. However, when we learn to respect all Parts of Self as equal, including the Otherworldly aspects of our innate Being, we can learn to explore ALL Shadow Parts as a Ritualist way of moving through life. This allows one to gain confidence in becoming their own Healing Medicine and that extends beyond personal integration, rippling through into the Collective experience.

*Mythologist, Dea Isidora and I did an entire podcast series on Dragon as a Collective Shadow and broke down each section of The Faery Accord to help others ground down into reality instead of escaping into fantasy; empowering the co-existence of our Otherworldly kin. Check out The Avalon Podcast Series.

The Sacred Heart Path goes forward into its Self expanding into the Collective Vision for the overall Health of Earth. – RA

I will always remain rooted in my surrender to Earth and what it needs from me to empower a safer place for the Shadow to become a more Conscious part of our Collective experience, empowering its integration in a more Universal, holistic way. Right now that’s opening up a voice for the Shadow through The Raven Magick podcast, offering accessibly priced 1:1 integration opportunities for others to explore their own Shadow and creating a safe container for those wishing to learn these Psycho-Shamanic & Embodied Ritualistic practices in a Safe Community. Please feel empowered to pledge ANY amount on The Raven Magick Community patreon!

I will always strive to remain open and receptive to all Otherworldly beings and how the Dream chooses to be expressed and manifested in alignment with my own Heart Path and the health of our Planet.

I am so grateful to exist and consciously participate in the Collective Unfolding during this time on Earth,

~ Raven

Or email me directly theravenmagick@gmail.com

exclusive offerings

The Mer Essence is a Healing Embodied Dream Medicine crafted by Raven as a method of Shadow integration specific to the Faery Accord and is available as a Self Study program at Avalon Academy. Find out more here.

The Raven Magick Podcast is my way of helping make Shadow Integration safer, more Universally accessible and illuminate all the multitude of ways it can help us gain more Consciousness as a Collective. I interview a wide range of Guests DEDICATED to helping YOU explore the Shadow safely.

Here is a link to some of my past trainings and personal trajectory of current studies I’m enrolled in. Click Here.