Faeries & Humans.

At a Core Essence for those of us choosing to walk a Fae Soul Conscious Path, the interaction between these two components requires a Depth of the Internal Healing in the Faery Accord itself.

What IS The Faery Accord? I’ve touched on it throughout the Online Pages of my own Storylines, but it’s an Agreement of Unity, Respect and Alliance between Humans, Faeries & Creatures [Animals & Mythological Beasts]. Creative Art Magicians like Tolkien, Froud & Henson have accessed this Inner Trinity within & without and Works Crafted from that space Speaks to the Collective Soul.

Entering the Faery is a Gift for Humans.

In my Sacred Heart Truth, the path of the Internal Alchemy of the Healed Faery Accord is an admirable one. It’s a beautiful Inner Journey one can traverse themselves through the Enchanted parts of Earth. Though Dream Magicians Jung, Campbell and Disney’s psychological models all rooted in myth and aimed at the “Self”, the Heart Open Path of the Faery aims at is a Heart beyond any label, spell, word or tale. This ALLOWS one’s Storylines to naturally unfold, shift, fall away, be re-written, woven more consciously with others; ALL Others! Though ones own Sacred Heart Path could never be about “Another” at its very PIT, the Core Essence of the Faery Accord was ONE THREAD.

I didn’t know who “held” it, nor who “wrote” it….

….but in this way, I didn’t need to.

When you agree to get Conscious of your Archetypal Relating, its actual FLUID inside the Soul of the Psyche…. inside the Mind’s Soul; it reveals the Dream Weave. To Witness the Collective Dream Weave makes one INCLUDE the totality of existence. Though corrupt at it’s darkest places; the Edges of the Weave that Spin Illusions with what our Indigenous Elders here on Turtle Island, called “Twilight Masters” and those that manipulate the Collective Dream Weave, whether conscious or not, paid an Energetic Price. That is a Universal Law of Creation.

Anyway, the reason I’m mentioning the Archetypal Fluid of things while simultaneously Bridging Storytellers and Artists with Psychological Craftsman is because that IS something to note in the Relating between Humans and Fae Souls, it’s a DEPTH of Integration. Especially if your Soul Frequency is more naturally Aligned with that of the Fae. It can be downright TERRIFYING and RAGING to witness what an UNconcsious Human does to the Earth’s Sacred Womb. Apply that projection in the Dream to ALL Divine Feminine Embodied and ALL Yin Essence in all beings and that’s PAINFUL to SELF ACTUALIZE. Perplexing actually, like a woven mess of Villainy that’s touched every part of you.

Breathing and Forgiving my own Inner Human (especially in the Divine Masculinity in me) helped me better Root into my Divine Yang Pillar of Light. The Tree Essence was a Dream Seed I knew I wanted to Personally Bloom in the Faery Accord and I feel safer to share these Faery Truths outwards now. Learning about Humanity and the Faeries helped me SEE the parallels and Connection Points. This helps us better WEAVE #Together inside of separately, under the illusion we are Changing the World when we are really just running from our own Humanity. It was my Inner Human I hated the most.

Sigh, it feels good to have more Truth in my intuitive unfolding…

….Nature’s Faerytale was all I ever wished for; and the Faery Accord Trifold was it!

Humans and Faeries run on their own separate vibration of “Rules” and these terms must be explored and integrated in our Archetypal and Emotional Relating with Humans because otherwise on storylines alone, you’ll start Re-enacting it on the Surface, without Depth of the Fae Soul Shadows under the currents.

Things are not always what they seem in the
Elven Essence

This Article from British Faeries really helped me with understanding how Faeries relate with Humans. Since I’ve done so much work integrating my own Inner Human I now have attracted one into my External Experience and this is why I’m sharing this in my own Storylines; these are ways I’m Consciously Navigating the Heart Open Seas I am currently floating along and moving through. Having a Human is very illuminating. There are SOOOOO many “True Love” Myths in regards to healing the broken Faery Accord through the direct Romantic Love “Hand Fasting” of a Human and a Fae that it was difficult not to get “trapped” there. One could REALLY get “stuck” on the Human component. I know I did.

I always felt that Inner Creature though and felt that reflected back through Faerie Besties like Selkie Selenite and Taylor Faye. Even the Hobbit and the Mountain Elf reflected soooo many great components of how to treat our Fellow Humans. I enjoyed having one. It was helping me step more into my Inner Fae. PLUS even “claiming him” as a property or something of “ownership” was part of these SUBCONSCIOUS agreements in the Old Stories of the Faeries and the Humans and how they lived alongside each other. I personally found that Core Essence to be in the Shadow Warrior as BDSM (Faerie as the Femme Dom and Human as the Sub Dog). That Fae Soul Wound was so layered for my experience that it also contained the Inner Vampire & Elven Fae as well [Queen Archetypal Structure].

Here are the Subconscious Agreements for Humans & Faeries Engaging in Love:

Humans Must:

  1. Respect “True Love” Fully.
  2. Give Love and NEVER Take it.
  3. Empower & Support Love in all it’s forms.
  4. Promote Wedded Bliss. [Humans must remain monogamous to Faeries]

Faeries Must:

  1. Have Fun! [The Fae do whatever they want and don’t hold the same moral code Humans do]
  2. Take whatever you wish!
  3. Share Love on their own Terms.
  4. Humans must Pay the Price of being with the Faery. [this connection comes at a Karmic Cost to the Human]

If you wish more on that please visit the Fae Soul Article that these were pulled from 🙂

So, even just looking at these it becomes Painfully obviously that this is an Energetic Kink in the Faery Accord Agreement; Humans are subservient to Faeries and The Faeryland does NOT subscribe to Human Sin. In my own Heart Truth it felt unaligned to treat Humans like this, even though most Humans scare me and hurt my Faery Soul with how they treat both a woman and the Earth. However, when I went deeper into that Human Part of me, now the Humans I naturally attract on my Path are in alignment with the Faery Accord and that of it’s Collective Embodied Healing. My Human and I are Quasi-operating on these Agreements but Consciously. We know the Undercurrents and we respect each other so Authentic Communication and Relating is possible and easy. So, even though I am Fae in my blood, bones, soul and Core my Heart is the Trifold of the Accord. So working in a more unified, Equal Exchange way felt better for me. I even asked my Human if I could explore and play with calling them “Mine” and made sure they felt ok in that.

Roses are the way to my Faerie Heart.
Hawthorn the Heart Wood to my Fae Soul.

I am mischievous at Heart and sinister even in my Core 😉 but integrating that felt fun, exciting and NEW! I also knew I had already chose the Hobbit Path over that of Arwen & Aragon so both my Human and I knew we weren’t designed for the Long Term. However, we were both unfolding inside the Collective Story and Nature’s Divine Sacred Union; where we all walk the Heaven floors of the Enchanted Earth. I liked that we both felt safe to walk together for however long that ended up being and that the attachment mirrored that of the truth Elven Fae’s Unconditional presence and Love and the Humans devotion to this Inner Light they did not have within themselves. I was very grateful to have a Human Sub.

High Elven Wisdom has a great YouTube video of a man that fell in love with a Faery. There are ALWAYS conditions for Humans engaging with the Faery. In one level, since we are born into a Human existence we must respect the conditions the Faerie, Elves and Dragons set out for us on our Unique Connection to them, through our Guides, Over-Soul, Mythogenetic Blue print etc. Then we must uphold the Agreements we have learned from the Fae Soul consciousness that ALIGNS with our own Hearts and DEMAND those be respected from external Humans interacting with us. The Demand is something I’m currently integrating because Faeries are naturally curious of Humans and since most were brought up under Human Conditioning the Path of the Faery Accord in these two Streams can be paradoxical and polarizing. The Fae is higher frequency in relating successfully with the Humans than that of the Creatures and Faeries.

Anyway, I just wished to share some of what I’ve personally uncovered in my own Personal Faery Tale unfolding and how it interweaves into the Fae Soul Collectives. Let me know how you’re integrating your Inner Human and Faerie Agreements to become better Allies within and without.

Go to the Trees.

The Trees are a Pathway through all of this because at the CORE of ALL the Faery Accord is just Two Trees; One Human and One Fae. If you are having trouble connecting to these Essences of BEing, start there.

You may also wish to Explore, Play and Re-imagine your Own Inner Human & Fae by entering into this Personal PLAYlist I Crafted for my own exploration of this Dynamic Duo.

Until next time,

~ Raven XX

[Feminine Cycle Day 16 – Seasonal & Archetypal Influence: Summer – Sovereign Queen]

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