What are others saying about Raven?

Most of my Psycho~Shamanic Processes and Dragon Fae Soul Alchemy’s were a result of my own intuitive Divinely Spun Wisdom through personal Mythical Embodied experience. My methods involve consciously entering Storylines, re-enacting them inside a safe container, to effectively alchemize and process Collective trauma and how it Relates to Personal trauma. I use Embodied Dream Journeying to help others get more Grounded and present inside their body, while empowering the use of their own innate psycho-shamanic skills. I specialize in deep Shadow Integration; for both Personal and Collective Shadow Parts and how those Relate to the Dream Magician of the Inner Ravens as an Animistic Energetic Soul Body. There is so much beauty that these Embodied Alchemic practices can reveal to the individual should they have the courage to explore and reclaim their rejected Parts, learning to Consciously love and accept them with an Open Heart. We are all Divine Creatures with Earth’s Magick flowing through us, when we can reconnect to our entire Essence of Being in Innocence.

Thank you for leaving these beautiful interpretations of my Personal Reflections of the Medicine of the Ravens and my unique Psycho-Shamanic Craft for Dream & Shadow integration that empowers the True Essence of Being to emerge.

It is in our Conscious Innocence of our Innate Dreaming Powers that the Magician melts away into The Medicine of the Ravens, that IS the Raven Magick and it lives inside us All.

– RA

How The Raven Magick is being Received:

It’s been beautiful to witness how much and how drastically Raven evolves overtime with the Medicine that rises to the surface through her. It’s so incredible and it’s something that is ever-changing and ever-growing and ever-lasting. Raven’s form of Medicine is always shifting and changing and I just think that’s such a unique and beautiful gift.

Student & Sister Ally

Raven’s Mer Essence class meditations have been integral for my Self discovery. As I move into my body the feelings and emotions move through me and I feel more embodied.

DeerHart – Fae Soul Artist and Collaborative Ally

Quasi-Jungian in her original methods, Raven has a very unique way of intentionally putting the imagination to use to embody and enact possible realities that not only empower the Self of the individual but the World at large. I enjoy the way she sticks to her “thread” as a Storyteller and “unpacks” it in sections so the listener can receive the information she is trying to help them with.

A Fellow Raven – Shamanic Medicine & Jungian Psychology

We need someone to be a Way-Shower in a way, that gives us that awareness of Self. Raven makes the Subconscious things Conscious and that is a great and beautiful Gift I think, to us all.”

Asfodel – Fae Soul Artist & Conscious Creator

Raven Alison possesses a unique and divine gift! Her insight and interpretation of Nature’s sacredness is truly uplifting 🌟My human journey has been immeasurably enhanced by her company, namely with her Nature Warrior Reactivation course. I highly recommend her services along your quest to learn more about your connections and expression 🌳

Eleanor Hayward – Holistic Practitioner

I had the honour of visiting Raven’s Wizard Hut, which has been a profound healing experience for me. She offers a wonderful mix of deep integrated knowledge of shadow work and the archetypes, bodywork and structure to keep the focus on the goals of the session. She mirrored back at me where I could be more gentle with myself and where I was loosing myself in my own stories. She truly has a gift and energy that immediately allowed me to relax and open up. I left with so much clarity and new leads to continue my quest.”

– Lidewij – Fellow Fae Soul on the Heart Open Journey & Student

“For the past several months, I’ve had the privilege to work and develop a wonderful friendship with Raven. Her insight and experience is profound and has provided invaluable wisdom for me as I pursue my own spiritual journey. I am constantly inspired by her ability to dive deeper into issues and see things from a different perspective. She is so encouraging and supportive, traits that enhance her natural talents in leadership and teaching. It has truly been a life-changing experience working with Raven. She is a gift to all who share her journey.” 

Taressa Edge – The Warrior Goddess Witchcraft Podcast

Raven has been an amazing teacher over the time that i’ve been able to connect with her. She has a very warm and welcoming nature, and she has been so open with her heart to display her sacred journey so that others could connect with her path, learning with and from her experiences. One of Raven’s greatest strengths is her gift at encouraging students to take the leap of stepping into oneself, showing us how to confront and integrate the deepest facets of our being. She goes through such raw, unfiltered personal transformations with fluidity and grace – teaching us that we are also capable of doing this. Her vulnerability and willingness to share these intimate parts of her Heart Path creates a beautiful open space, free of judgement for all who may enter. It’s been a wild ride of learning myself and flying with the Raven 🖤

Amira – Fellow Dragon Fae Soul on the Heart Quest

What Raven Alison has done for me by expressing the way she does, with no judgement and with openness, is a big permission and safety within myself and my practice. I’ve been diving into myself and doing my shadow work with no maps or directions and often have gotten a bit lost, and with Raven I’ve learned and discovered different ways of exploring inside but with much more safety. 

Raven has given me tools and threads, and encouraged me to find my own and take what resonates. It was a even bigger sense of self that I have found because all this work is my own, and Raven as a guide as truly helped me feel safe in trusting myself fully. The way she reflects all she has learned and experienced through her path is very empowering and helpful, and there is no attachment and she doesn’t try to make you see her way, as some healers may do, there is only openness for the unique path we all have and to receive all I am.

This then reflects in how I not only feel safe inside but with the world too, with tools, a more stable guidance within myself and community. 

Thank you Raven for the love you have given me in many different ways! Now I sail my boat knowing where I am going inside and I integrate much more easily too. Thank you for making me feel safe exploring my shadow too, that was a big things for me, as I love exploring the shadow and often been judged or seen as bad, Raves helped me find security in that.

– Mar – Fellow Shamanic Practitioner & Student

I’ve learned a lot from you on how to relate my real life to my dreams. It is a real eye opener!”

Feedback after a 1:1 Shadow & Dream Integration

Thank you so much for helping me! I had never thought that my worst nightmare related so much to my waking life. This has provided a great observation to be more self aware so I can work on shifting my mindset and move on with my life.”

Feedback after Trauma Dream exploration sessions.

Thank you so much, that was absolutely incredible and I feel that this was exactly what I needed, even though I was dreading it and I think you are an incredible Guide. I would love to recommend you as a person to have sessions with if they need it because I got so much out of that one session. Thank you so much!”

Fellow Dreamer after a 1:1 Dream and Shadow session.

I feel like I’ve always really seen Raven’s genius and have always felt supported in just knowing of Raven’s existence and watching what she has shared and shifted through. I felt like on the inside I just knew I wasn’t “crazy” because I knew inside that Raven wasn’t “crazy” and that helped me ground when I was going through the fae fog psychosis. It became easier for me to ground into reality and integrate my own experiences because of everything that I witnessed in Raven’s own shadow integration process. I’ve always held the fear of being perceive as “crazy” and I feel like it never really gotten to that point where I’ve thought that about myself and my relationship with Raven is what has helped me with that. I am so grateful to such depths. I am so appreciative of everything Raven has ever shared and the Path that she chooses to walk because it’s helped me feel seen in my own. I feel so much more grounded now as a result of knowing Raven and having her in my life.

Anonymous Fae Soul on the Sacred Path

Raven’s Mer Class has become a regular healing journey for my mind, body and soul. When I feel adrift, it brings me back to shore. When I feel like the raging sea, it calms my inner waves. But it can also be the salty ocean wind in my sails, powering me onward.

Her musical, physical and vocal guidance helps me to open my mind and learn something new about myself every time. You can feel the wisdom in all her words.

It’s an inspiring journey in the oceanic realm, which also helps me as an artist to connect with the magical flow of creativity. The connection to the other participants is strong and beautiful, thanks to Raven’s amazing connecting ideas.

I am so immensely grateful for her work and always look forward to another Mer Class. Each one has their own topic, that comes up with wonderful intuition and her specific integrations. And they always come in the right time. 

When my body feels stiff from the human work, the magic of the Mer beings remind me of something greater. Their movement and their legends become our teacher and healer. 

Raven’s smile and honesty is always a huge joy and so contagious. Definitely don’t miss out on this pearl.

– Selkie Selenite