The Raven Method.

This is a glimpse into some of my Personal Methods of integrating through ones Dreams & Shadows. Shadow Shifting is my term for the way I combine the Craft of Shifting with embodied Ritual into a form of my own Raven Magick for Shadow integration, which I reflect outwards as Medicine that’s been spun from my own Soul Alchemy walking my unique Sacred Path.

I come from an extensive Psycho-Shamanic and Ritual Magick background; using both story and ritualistic embodiments or Witch Craft Characters/Dream Tools that allow one to integrate lost parts of their True Essence removing trauma and narrative distortion at its Core. I started Shifting through my own Shadows consciously as I faced them head on in the Conscious Awareness that ones’ Unconscious Parts appears as “Destiny” occurring before our very eyes as we traverse the Heart Open Path of our own Soul.

When we work to accept all of who we are the Shadow & the Ego become the best of friends!

Since Ravens are gifted Psychopomps, they can help others lean deeper into the truth inside their Dreams beyond any veils of illusion. I feel such a deep inner gratitude to be an extension Raven Medicine and have the ability to help others connect to their powerfully transformative nature. Ravens cut through delusions, using their magical creational powers in alignment with Earth grounded in reality. Developing Raven Medicine in ones magick practice and Craft can help anyone hold the courage to explore their Deepest, Darkest Shadows and thus, revealing ones truest Essence and unique Gifts.

Most of my Embodied Ritualistic practices are self taught through lived experience, but if you’d like to know more about my unique Sacred Path, here are some of my credentials

One Stream of my Raven Magick, specific to the Dragon Consciousness, is what I call The Mer Essence. Which is rooted in both the Blue & Black Dragon Currents and an extension of my personal Dragon Fae Soul alchemy of the Siren and Magician Archetypal Fluid and all mythogenetic distortion connected to it. This allows me to reflect a “freer” form Essence outwards in the Mer Currents to reflect them as a Healing Dream Medicine.

The Mer Essence is a Healing Embodied Dream Medicine crafted by Raven and she hosts OPEN DIVES Live Streams on a private account the 3rd Wednesday of every Month! 2pm EST

The Mer Essence is a Fluid we can learn to Dive into and explore our Primordial Womb & Dreaming Powers!

All Past Open Drop in’s Classes on my instaLive are now EXCLUSIVELY available on my Patreon. The Mer Essence classes are one way I’m reflecting some of my personal methods for navigating the Subconscious Seas & integrating both Personal and Collective Shadows specific to the Dragon Fae Soul Consciousness, which to me in turn helps heal the Broken Internal Faery Accord of ones Inner Fae, Human Creature.

Learning how to tap into this Ancient Primordial Essence helps us explore lost Parts of who we truly are. My intention in reflecting the Mer Essence is to inspire the Ravens Medicine of surrendering with the courage to look within and get more conscious of how we are moving energy through our bodies. Gaining deeper clarity of our Dreaming Powers and Magick while using them consciously in Embodied Ritual aides in shifting stagnant energetic ties and storylines out of our present experience. Many individuals have found that the Mer Essence empowers embodying a deeper, truer Core Essence of being as they navigate their own lives as a fluid becoming.

I have recently started hosting Monthly Mer Essence Rituals through a private instagram account @themeressence for those wishing to join by donation or through Patreon. Set to bloom spring 2023 I will also be Crafting a specific Intro to the Mer Essence through Avalon Academy that is specific to Shadow exploration in the Faery Accord and how it relates with Avalon itself.

Class playbacks are fully accessible on my patreon which is open pledge – read what others are saying about the classes.

As a reflection of the Medicine of the Ravens, I truly enjoy helping others integrate and safely explore their unconscious Shadow Parts. This is powerful inner transformational work where we can truly discover who we truly wish to be! We ALL have blind unconscious aspects in our AUTONOMOUS Shadow fragments; which are just Parts of our Core Essence that we have rejected or pushed away as something we believe we are not. Much of this is due to past traumas or the development of our “Idealized Self” which isn’t us at all but a Mask we’ve been conditioned to be in order to survive, be accepted or valued by the outside world. However, there is deep profoundly transformative treasure available to those willing to explore these unseen Parts of themselves. Check out my podcast, which is dedicated to helping others explore their Shadow safely.

The Ravens hold my Heart Open Unconditionally to the Shadows of THE COLLECTIVE MAGICIAN & how it manifests inside me.

The Medicine of the Ravens can be explored by ALL at Heart! This is because they exist in nearly all of cultures mythology and storylines which connects them to almost all blood lineages and Earth. The Raven is Universally viewed as a keeper of Ceremonial Magick and can have extremely karmic ramifications if accessed in the Shadow Magician side of its Sacred gifts. Whenever working with the Magick and Medicine of the Ravens, ask yourself “does this Part of me have a Heart?” and more importantly, “Does the Heart of this hold a Truth?” because sometimes our emotions and minds can trick us into believing that our heart truth is leading us, when it’s actually travelling in a hidden, unacknowledged Shadow Parts preferred direction.

Also working with The Raven Magick streamed through The Mer Essence can help anyone better connect and integrate the Primordial Shadow of Earth itself! However, for Fae Souls specifically, it can help keep their Heart Open to any ‘Unseelie’ Faery Parts in themselves & the Collective Shadows or “Fae Fog”. This allows one to actively integrate through their Core mythogentics and ancestral storylines to deeper levels of individual truth, which can be more difficult in the Fae Soul Consciousness due to the nature of fairytales and how they interact with ones unconscious psyche. For more info on this part of the Collective Shadow check out The Avalon Podcast I co-hosted with Dea Isidora.

Mythogenetics refers to ones genetic relationship with stories that interact with both our emotional body and psyche. Developed by Mythologist Dea Isidora this is a conceptual term Fae Souls can use to help articulate their Inner Alchemic Processes to others.

In working with our own Shadow, we can learn how these Collective archetypal fluids, mythological characters and storylines move through us in relation to the Dragon Currents of Earth and our own truths. This can be more easily achieved through accessing ones Heart, free of distortion linked to the Creational life force, transforming it into usable healing energy.

As mentioned previously, this is not the emotional heart of the soul, nor the distortion in the fairytale matrix, but the Heart of a Higher Source of Creation that flows through every living thing and feels good inside ones body and Essence of being. An inauthentic “heart” path will cause one to “Act out of Character” or cause damage to the psyche in maladaptive ways. So, whenever working in the Raven energies and Fae Soul frequencies, I often recommend zooming out periodically with Eagle’s View to ensure your Path indeed does have a true Heart. When we get good at pausing and checking in with our own truth rooted in the Natural World, we make more Heart aligned decisions in resonance with who we really are.

Honouring the Ravens as a pair can help one bridge into their own Inner Union ground in Earth.

Before tackling any of these deeper integrative methods one must first establish a clear, stable sense of their own Self. Cultivating the unconditional self love needed to explore Parts of ourselves that we may judge or dislike. The Ravens as a loving Pair can help one explore both their Inner Yin & Yang specific to the Black Dragon Current of Earth. Since the Earth has acted as a Womb and a Woman in all almost all stories contained in the psyche, the Raven becomes an Ally one can ask for guidance remember the Sacred Yang of our Planet. Consciously exploring this Internal Union of Self, rooted in an androgynous Earth can help us equalize the Fae Soul Shadows as a gender and consciously “close gaps” in the Collective Fae Soul body. This can aid in ones exploration of the dark serpent energies, while removing patriarchal programming and conditioning in our Divine Femininity, while re-blooming a Masculinity Earth requires to sustain life.

“It’s not always easy to see the Medicine of the Raven, but it’s there and it cuts through everything standing in the way of Truth” – RA

These Raven Methods aren’t for everyone, nor are they designed for Shifting one into escapism. These Methods are for consciously Shifting through ones life experienced HERE in the now to better integrate ones Shadows head on. Many individuals use fantasy, fairytales and dreaming as forms of dissociation to escape the tough reality of what we have collectively done to our Planet. When we hold the courage to land on Earth as our home, we can shift old methods of dissociation into conscious Self exploration and evolution for a greater purpose than our own desires. The Raven Magick really does give us the gift of Surrendering to our destiny.

I would be absolutely honoured to work with any individuals feeling called to the Raven Medicine and who are ready to embrace their whole Self and dive into their Subconscious Seas as I guide and empower you to fully remember that you already had everything you ever needed inside of you this whole time! The Ravens model being our own medicine and our own healers; so trust that you have the answers and you might just need a hand trusting that truth.

Thank you for existing and taking the time to read this,

– Raven