Metal Magick

Metal Magick

Last month I attended a talk with Sam ‘Bo’ Thompson, author of “Metal Never Lies” which is a book all about Metal Magic. I decided to purchase it after the lecture because his stories regrading his work and relationship with the Metal was quite similar to my own experiences with the Pole as a divination tool. He is an Animist as well, so believes that everything has a living spirit and metal is no different. He mentioned obvious points like how iron is in our blood and zinc and copper are also great for our bodies. His reference to the metal being the Blood and Bones of the Earth truly HIT me. I felt the same after my awakening to the Dragon Consciousness of Earth.

The Dark Womb of the Elven Fae Streams – RA

In my unconscious magician dreams of the past I had been pumping so much of my character and story designs into the Pole dances I would do. Leveraging my Pole as a transitional tool to the forest, but also as an Active Imagination participant. After the Kundalini awakening I began truly SEEING the process of my visions, dreams and their undercurrents; those practices revealed truths similar to what Sam was saying; that Metal Never Lies and it is alive and relating with us, whether we were aware of it or not. This is why on the other side of everything I currently explore with the Fae and Dragon Consciousness included expanding my Metal Magick practices. I continue exploring how Rituals linked to the Trees and the Forest Tools with my use of the Pole as a Sacred Divination tool relate to one another in the physical. Also how my Shadow Shifting processes and Rituals could be amplified and more effective when leveraging the Pole as a Metal divining tool, axis-mundi or Tree, as I had in the past, though not as consciously.

My Fae friend Taylor and I had been exploring and experimenting with the Forest and Metal as an interdisciplinary form of witchcraft for over a year now. This started when I was first gifted a Brass bracelet from Taylor that fit perfectly over the Pole and thus the smaller Maple Trees I had been dancing with. I could also “charge” metals with specific Tree energies or Water energies and use it to deepen my own communications with the Dream Weave and the Earth’s mycelium web. It would be easier for me to explain my processes in a live lecture, as spoken word is often easier for me but anyway, Taylor and I often passed Items between each other; bringing them to different Tree Elders and listening to what they said so I didn’t see why we couldn’t dive deeper into what Sam was suggesting and communicate deeper with the Metal as well.

I had already connected so deeply and intimately to my own Pole as it helped me connect to ANY Tree I could imagine. This was one of the things that I was learning intuitively from both my relationship with Metal and the Pole itself and also individual Tree Elders that were also involved. Now, originally I was hoping that we could heal the Earth in this way and overall I feel currently that that would be the overall point or intention in this practice at a core. However, since diving deeper into it I’ve actually found that what the Pole specifically offers me personally is a large conduit of energetic intention. I have used it in tandem with my Dreaming Powers to tap into many different Sacred Spaces and hold it as a centre point when working in deeper gridlines or intergenerational traumas and Land clearing. Working for the health of the Earth or extending personal ritual alchemy outwards was always favourable in my practice. Why not? If anything needed healing, love and renewal it was the Earth and in particular it was the Divine Feminine; Yin Essence in all Earthlings. So the Metal and the Trees always felt like something I wanted to continue to explore even as my Path continued to shift.

Pole Magician – As the Pole is ANY Tree I could ever imagine – RA

I was seeing the larger picture now and understood why I had manifested that my body wouldn’t be able to dance or push forward. I needed to rest, go inwards and continue to get clear on what it was I actually wanted to do. Also the Embodied Ritual process could involve Shadow Work which included Collective Shadow in the Black Dragon Currents and Collective Reconciliation through Blood Currents in the Earth Red Dragon. That was how I was extending my own Craft deeper and wider into the Collective unfold. I was truly setting aside the time to carve Rituals out, visit Sacred sites and then anchor them visually back in my apartment, using the Pole as a means of anchoring the energies. The Pole also proved to be great at moving stagnant energy because of its easy ability to be cleansed and cleared. Simply releasing old shadowy energies or channelling banishing spells and such proved quite effective.

I am still devoting my work to Morgana Le Fay asking the Ravens to hold the connection between Turtle Island, where I settle and my blood lineage home in Avalon. However, now with the Equinox here other Dark Goddesses were flowing in as well. I was truly embracing my Crone aspects and my gifts as a Shadow Worker. Without going into a deep exploration it was of my experience that working with our relationship with Metals could actually help us internally alchemize the corresponding currents that flowed within us through the Dragon Consciousness, as these are also metallic in nature. I know in my own experience the Black and White twin Serpents eventually needed to be alchemized into the Silver and Gold Dragon Currents and that helped open what I call the “Rose Current” which is actually comprised of Red, Blue and Green. Red from the Earth Dragon bloodlines, Blue from the celestial Dragon star lineages and Green activating through heart centre with those two balanced in Earth. This activated the Gold/Silver and that was a whole new level of Dragon Consciousness that extended the mind beyond the Archetypal Structures Dragon. More on this at a later time, but it was definitely something Metal and the Trees had helped me significantly with on my own Dragon Path.

Dion Fortune stated that the aim of all magick is “to effect changes in consciousness in conformity with will.” So these changes are occurring subtly within our exchanges and transformations of energies all the time. The Metal Pole as both a conductor and a grounding mechanism for old shadow energies proves quite transformative due to the nature of it’s phallic statue. This can act as a large divining rod that pulls consciousness from above whilst grounding it below in physical reality and/or purging dysfunction energies and patterns outwards into the release of Earth. So another avenue that I have also begun reading about, albeit more slowly since mythological texts prove dry and difficult for me to read, was Polarity Magic. I had purchased Wendy Berg’s book last summer after reading her Red Tree, White Tree mythological discretion on the Faery Accord of Humans and Faeries in partnership. Anyway, many of the practices I had done one way or another intuitively as I attempted to balance my “Bipolar” more shamanically, which for me was the Dragon Consciousness and the internal Soul Alchemy of the Inner Faery Accord Threefold agreement. These methods all proved very successfully at helping the polarization become more manageable and balanced.

What does this have to do with Metal Magick?

Well I do believe that in hindsight the Pole and the Trees actually helped me explore polarity in the form of Witch Craft much more deeply than if I had been exploring it without. This is due to the conduction and amplification of Metal; it’s in its very nature. The Plants were MEDICINAL in their very nature, so the two as an interdisciplinary was truly hard not to dive deeper into. This is where you’ll currently find me on my own Sacred Path – exploring my own Personal Craft deeper, albeit more privately this year. I have however opened a Patreon tier to be added to my “Close Friends” list on insta if you are interested in these processes 🙂

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