The Blue & Black Dragon Currents:

I’ve never really publicly shared much about the Dragon and the integral role it’s played in my entire life’s journey. So, this is my way of slowly beginning to open up about it. Please take what resonates as I don’t believe anyone is an expert on Dragons due to the distorted nature of them and their creational life force.

My Sacred Path of the Dragon has been both taught to me by my Elders and experienced as a life journey unfolding. For that reason and many more, I never truly felt called or safe to share my Wisdom and experiences in working with them.

Artist – Luke Shackpoole @withluke

However, now it’s become apparent that this is a Collective integration and there’s a lot of so called “Dragon teachers” claiming that they know the way. As a side rant ANYONE claiming they are going “the right way” is rooted in unconscious white supremacy and I would recommend avoiding their teachings at all costs. As the Dragon currents contain more distortion than any other form of consciousness I have come across. If it feels uncomfortable or painful that’s an indication it’s out of alignment and possibly riddled with patriarchal traumas through the Ancestral lines of it.

Though I have cross referenced different teachings and texts on the Dragon, most of what I know is from previous Dragon Mentors; one originating from Irish Grey Druidic Lineage and the other from Quetzalcoatl Aztec Lineage, just two of the Shamanic Mentors I have apprenticed under on my path thus far. However, most of what I know comes from DIRECT communication to my own Guides and most recently, my personal integration over the last two years of both Avalon & Chinese Dragon Mythos. These embodied mythogenetic experiences surfaced through my own embodied reality as I consciously unravelled the ramifications of getting off my Sacred Path and keeping the Dragon in my Shadow. [but that’s a different story entirely]

Artist – Unlikely Companions by Shen Fang Teng
found through @amber.of.the.sea

The Blue Dragon Current and the way in which I work with it is a Celestial stream of Consciousness and needs Water as an entry portal to ground into Earth. This is why in my Mer Classes we invoke the Blue Current and work with that light directly – distortion in this specific current exists in Draconian inception within those streams and the channel of energy itself can be hard to work with due to its Moon/Feminine Essence and what we call “Starseeds” which are connected to the Fae Soul Streams through the star system Sirius. I do not identify as a starseed and actually believe that since the starseed narratives also surfaced out of me that perhaps those identifying as that might not be another race at all but could in fact be of Fae. However, I don’t have any solidified proof of that claim, it’s just a hypothesis. So the Blue Dragon Current is a direct bridge from Sea to Space in the ways in which I access it and I find that it can help individuals reconnect back to their Aquatic Mythos and remove the distortion from specific Water Faery narratives, characters and the Dragon Consciousness itself.

Artist – Raven Alison @theravenmagick

The Black Dragon Current is Earth based and more primordial in Essence, connecting us to Humanities subconscious Shadows as well as our own. This is what most people refer to as the Black Serpent, or the “Dark Feminine” but it goes much deeper than that once you’re through many of your own Personal Shadows and opens to reveal a deeper Dragon Current into the Collective experience. This, imo, is what makes it a tricksy Essence to work with due to the Collective Shadowy nature of it! However, if you are one working with it rest assured you are here to balance humanity’s shadows by integrating your own and extending that healing outwards into Earth! One thing to note and take caution of when working with this energy is to pay close attention to which emotions/visions are yours! As it’s easy to get swept away with Black Dragon into the Collective darkness. Another thing to note about Black Dragon energies is that since it is a Earth based current there’s a lot of disillusionment to banish if one truly wants to work with it; having a clear sense of Self allows better discernment when tapping into it.

Though I have not seen or read of these two Streams interacting together in my own Sacred Path this is a part of my own work. I call this “Mer Essence” and that is because of everything else that it was connected in the Merbeings, but it was also the term my own Guides gave me to use after integrating through everything. The Raven specifically helped me bridge these two currents through both the Siren and the Magician Archetypal structures which gives them a more tangible “Earthly” grounded feeling when working with them in an embodied Dream state that allows easier access to those where Dragon is still something of a “fantasy” and not Creational Life Force.

Artist – @hanghul Created for Blackbirds RPG

If you’ve never worked with either of these Dragon energies the Raven as an ally can be a great help to work with in these two currents because of its connection to both the Water Fae & the Earth as well as the Shadow Realm. Invoking the Raven and/or learning to tap into the “Mer Essence” current can provide a “shallower” access point to explore these streams as energy instead of the fully formed current of Dragon Consciousness, which can sometimes overwhelm individuals who haven’t gotten used to having it interact inside their physical body.

For the Mer Essence, just like I do in class you can set a Sacred Ritual Space and do a calming meditation to invoke the blue light and put some waves or watery music on; this allows one that feeling of being both of the stars and the seas which is very reminiscent of that Blue Dragon Current. Then you can simply ask a question or allow yourself to see visions and record your experience. If the energies make you feel any discomfort or illness remember to breathe that out of your body and release it into the Earth.

Artist & Model – Raven Alison @theravenmagick

In the Black Dragon I highly recommend doing a drum journey with Raven or Serpent if either of those guides or allies is available to you and simply asking prior to your journey what path to take to interact with this primordial force. As previously stated this Dragon current is not for everyone, thought it interacts with everyone due to it’s Earth based nature and the Collective shift we are experiencing, invoking it is really not for the faint of heart. It’s rooted into all of humanity’s darkness and some things are best left unseen until we have a very stable sense of our own self first. Raven can help guide you through your own Shadows prior to accessing this current of the Dragon.

I feel like that’s all I’d like to share today and I am so Heart Open if you experience these two Dragons currents differently than I do! I just felt called to open up about them ESPECIALLY since I connect to both in my Mer Essence Classes; hosted on instaLive every Wednesday 2pm EST – so drop in sometime!

I know it’s been a while since I posted but I’m most active on my instagram and twitter which are both @theravenmagick. So definitely follow me there for more updates.

Until next time,

– Raven

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