This podcast is a live action integration from my own descent into Madness through what I call the “Fae Fog” is was recorded periodically between 2020 and 2022 while I personally reflected with others experiencing similar Shadow integrations. Now, as a Cert. Shadow Worker and Psycho-Shamanic practitioner I would truly like to stress the importance of creating a STABLE sense of Self prior to doing any shadow work. I no longer personally resonate with this expression of “me” but have decided to leave it here because I continue to receive feedback that it helps others in the specific Mythogenetic wounds we touched on in the series. Feel empowered to listen but aware that my new Heart Path leaves this in her wake 🙂

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Season One: Confessions of a Fae Soul with Host; Raven Alison and the Fae Soul Storylines reflections with Raven’s personal friends through the Fae Soul Consciousness and Internal Alchemy of the Faery Accord.

Season Two: Season of The Dragon: Deep Dives into Integrating the Dragon Currents of Creational life force in the Fae Soul Consciousness and the Mythogenetic Storylines in the Collective Shadow.

I truly appreciate everyone that helped me do this Dragon Fae Shadow integration, live action on the Confessions of a Fae Soul podcast. I have since Self Actualized beyond all of this and have moved into deeper awareness with Dragon and the Faery Accord. If you want to continue on this Shadow Integration journey please check out The Avalon Podcast, where Dea Isidora and I cover the Collective Dragon’s Shadow and break down the entire Faery Accord as both an internal and external process for your own Fae Soul Journey!

If you feel Heart Aligned with the Fae Soul Consciousness please consider listening to these past episodes or Studying at Avalon Academy! For all things Shadow Work check out my new podcast The Raven Magick Podcast.

Thank you for witnessing this part of my own journey,


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