Connect with Raven

Thank you for showing interest in connecting with me!


If you’d like to schedule a free discovery call with me prior to booking a 1:1 sessions to feel into the whether we are in alignment and whether I’m the best Guide for you at this time, please do so using the button below.

When you book time with me I want you to feel like you are a unique Being on your own Journey and that you’ve stumbled across a Wise Psycho-Shamanic Mystic that might be able to aid you on your Quest…

….I don’t do “clients” I offer DEEP reflection and have many methods of helping others brith forth more Consciousness into their lives and realigning with their Heart Paths. Sometimes the Hero only needs one visit and they’re off on their next adventure and sometimes the energy shifts and aligns with their Inner Apprentice and we are together for longer in more of a Student/Guide energy.

ALL Sessions are unique and different but if you want to see a list of what I currently specialize in please check out my Sacred Offerings.

Yes! I have a wealth of Wisdom a numerous certifications, but the truth is WE HAVE ALL WE NEED INSIDE OURSELVES already so sometimes meeting me is a Once upon a Dream experience and that’s enough! If we decide it’s best I have also have a network of clinical and spiritual professionals that I would be happy to refer you to should my Medicine and Methods not feel like a good fit. 

Thank you for existing!

I look forward to meeting you,


~ Raven

*For inquires about being a Guest on my podcast please reach out to me through my instagram direct message @theravenmagick – thank you* Or email me directly