How to Connect Deeper to your Animal Allies.

Everyone has an Animal Guide and most of us have an entire Pack! Believe it or not even though Animals reflect our Animal Soul back at us with the reflection of their Medicine, we tend to only receive our Animal Allies in the Mind. This creates an intensified polarization of what our Body wishes to do and what our Mind wishes to do.

Instead of interpreting our Animal Guides or Dream Animals and Allies as only mythical or symbolic of Self we can actually begin to honour them as Otherworldly Allies, here on Earth. This helps ground our own Inner Wild (Animal and Creature component of Self). No matter Who you are, your path is Sacred and completely Valid and worthy of Existence. When our Animal Guides appear to us as Messengers in our Dreams we can bring parts of the Dream into Physical reality by either exploring these aspects within our Unconscious Self OR Crafting a Ritual, additional Journey or Tool/Item from aspects that you resonate with in the Animal itself.

We can go REALLY DEEP with our Animal Guides because they are representative of our Instinctual selves. So exploring this Embodied is also something I highly encourage in order to develop a deeper intimacy with your Animals and face the Parts in your own Self they reflect. Most times Animals will naturally reveal the Medicine to us, in their reflection in the physical realm and then deeper psyche ones in the Dream.

I have an Allies of the Raven video lectures on my Patreon which I’ve made fully accessible, which I’ve posted some of my Live Discussions on these concepts and methods. I highly empower you to feel into whether you’d like to Shift Shadows!

What happens when an Animal comes to you?

Whether it’s a Dream Animal, Symbolic Animal, Messenger Animal or your Power Animal, whenever an Animal appears on the scene – Open up and get curious allowing room for it’s Wisdom and reflection of Being to reveal potential Parts of your own Self or opportunities to partner with them.

Power Animals are traditionally an Animal in the Otherworld that selects us and it a source connected to our own Personal Power and Medicine. These Animals remain with us throughout our lives like Guides. These are the Animals most likely to help us develop and explore our Shapeshifting Gifts. They typically teach us deeper more profound Spiritual Lessons over our lives unique to us. 

Messenger Animals come to us in the Dream or in the Physical Realm to help us integrated Parts that are applicable to a timeline. They can come and go as we move through life. 

Symbolic Animals are Animals that mean something deeply to us, Animals we collect or feel very drawn to on our own journeys. We choose them and they mean something unique to us. 

Dream Animals are any of the above but specifically they are here usually to help with Shadow integration and help us with parts of our own Self specifically. To me the “Dream Animals” are truly a broader term that encompasses all of the previous examples. It’s just that they usually show up to us exclusively in our sleeping dreams.

The Three places for interpretation:

1. YOU. What does it mean to you? Are you witnessing the Creature in the physical? Do you have projections and associations with it already? Really allow your own beliefs to surface first. This will be a source of a Unique Medicine between you and the Animal Ally.

2. BLOOD. What lineages and gifts are associated with this Creature in alignment with your own Ancestry? Sometimes there’s a Myth or Folk Tale already attached to this Animal Guide and you can explore what your Roots would project and personify onto the Animal. Check in with which aspect ring true for you and which no longer resonate with your experience with this Sacred Animal.

3. LANDS YOU RESIDE ON; honouring both Animal Dream Guides & Animal Creature of the Earth as Medicine from the Lands you reside. This build Relationship with the Indigenous Rights to the Lands. If you allow the Animal & Guides to help you balance your own Blood Lineage with that those you are settling upon. Working deep in the Roots with ones Power Animal and Indigenous Guides can be extremely powerful in healing the colonialism. This is because their Dead reside in the Lands and we learn to work more Psycho-Shamanically and Listen to these Elder Guides and Animal Allies. Ask them what they need from you in order to reconcile the Ancestral Trauma between you, this ROOTS your True Soul DEEP into Earth’s Core.

Partnering with an Animal Ally to integrate BODY TRAUMA!

When we have a significant Body Trauma in this lifetime like a rape or an assault or even a tragic accident partnering with an Animal Ally that a) feels SAFE to you and b) has been treated in similar ways in its history here on the planet can really help us integrate the trauma in a safe way.


because it allows us a projection point to slowly explore how we were feeling in cases of PTSD or otherwise, they help us hold compassion for ourselves and allow a relatable friend to help us through times when we might feel scared or alone. Safely getting “inside” an Animal Ally to integrate trauma is effective BUT it must be done with full conscious awareness and in a stable sense of Self and compassionate love. We don’t want to re-traumatize the body. So booking an Animal Session with me is a good option if you’re new to this and want a safe reflection with me so that you can then learn to trust your Animal and your Self to do it on your own!

Overall the Animals are here and equal to us, whether in the physical world or within the otherworldly dream, they are here for us to work with them and ground into more conscious beings full of Love and Harmony.

Until next time,


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