Confessions of a Fae Soul

This is a Podcast dedicated to illuminating & conscious weaving the “Fae Soul Consciousness” into tangible reality on Earth in order to better connect our Deeper Heart Truths in alignment with the Threefold Agreement of the Faery Accord & Earths overall wellbeing. Guests on the Podcast either identify as a Fae Soul/Artist or feel a deep connection to the Faeries themselves. My overall Vision aligns with the Collective Dream Stream and this is my method of helping ground something bigger than the Self by allowing others the Safe, Sacred room to share their own Heart Truths in regards to the Fae Consciousness.

What IS “Fae Soul” you ask? and how does this Stream of Consciousness manifest?

~ a Fae Soul is essentially someone who either a) taps into the Faery Dreaming Streams of Consciousness through their intuitive abilities and/or b) one of the Original Star races reincarnate on Earth or Both! 

~ The Original Star Races were actual Faeries; which, unlike the fairies we see in movies, were a Race closer in resemblance to Tolkien’s Elves. This race, among others were written out of our Core Mythology with the rise of the Roman Empires and Catholicism in order to control, manipulate and concur humanity.

~ “Faeries” is an umbrella term used to describe a wide variety of folklore and “fantasy” Creatures and is comparable to using the term “fish” when referencing “Faeries” one could be referring to a Dwarf, Goblin, Little Person, House Elf, Fairy, Fey, Nymph, Mermaid or otherwise.

~ the Faerie Consciousness is becoming more accessible through our “Mythogenetic” Coding or “Soul Blueprint” which is also rooted in lower vibration UNconscious Fairytale narratives and can manifest in as many ways as there are unique individuals.

~ Fairytales (according to C. Jung) were great things to dive deeper into and re-enact because they access very CORE levels of our Being and the Collective Subconscious. When engaging in these fantasy storylines without proper Self Awareness individuals can end up constellating around unconscious baseline traumas.

~ There are many Sacred Viewpoints and documentation on the Fae & Faery Races that are coming to the surface and the highest physical expression of a true Fae Soul is that of the Dragon. The path of the Dragon is not for everyone, nor was it designed that way; it involves balancing the extremes in polarities between Fae & Human in efforts to equalize the broken agreement between Humans and Faeries internally.

~ Healing the Faery Accord (which is a long lost agreement of Humans & Faeries working in Partnership) is a large reason these energies are becoming more accessible to Humans at this timeline. This is because our home, Planet Earth is in need of it’s Original Guardians to help ground these higher states of consciousness and embody them as truth to heal the Enchanted Earth.

~ All Faerie Races communicate through a “Hive System” of Consciousness which originates from the Queen herself. Many of these communicative channels have been distorted through fantasy, fairytales and illusionary black magick and AI to control us. Tapping into these streams also comes at a price of ones memory; as it is comparable to entering a Shamanic Journey to the Underworld/Otherworld.

~ Much of what is known about this manifesting rise in Fae Souls is based upon occult wisdom, depth psychology and myth. This is why it is better to reflect with others of similar states of being to gain deeper clarity for how it feels for you!

I am no expert which is why I wanted to start this Podcast. When we are Dreaming and Weaving the Enchanted Earth back to include both races working in harmony with lots of holes and gaps in the original knowledge of them, we must work together to come to deeper Heart Truths.

I appreciate you listening, following along and coming forward with your own experiences and “confessions” of how the Fae Soul Streams interact and present themselves in your reality. I would LOVE to reflect with you on an episode if this is resonating and you wish to share your confessions! Contact me!

Looking forward to hearing from you,

~ Raven