The Wild Seas…

So odd that someone highly anchored into the Essence of a Wood Nymph would wish for the Ocean….but I did all the same. There was just something remarkably healing in the experience of the Ocean and her majesty. I wanted to study her, to feel her divinity more deeply within my own Sacred Human Vessel; that’s what I had decided to call my human now. It helped my Fae Soul better ground inside what it truly meant to BE a Human. It was disgusting to my Faery Self and I had done much inner work to be able to reach this position of Inner Union between the Two Races.

Fae were also referred to by other names and terms; The Shinning Ones, Star Beings, Elven Folk and more… Tolkien’s Elves were closest in form of interpretation of the REAL beings I called “Fae” sigh, it was beautiful. Owning these things as truths however, proved a difficult task in the Human form. I was more identified with the Shifter inside me and if ones preferred form was formless than one really needed to have a well DEFINED & GROUNDED pillar of light and inner knowing of ones Self at the Core Essence. That’s where my inner journey towards the truth of the Faerie had come in. “Faerie” is a term that in this context, I am using to describe a place, a realm, the Faeryland but it can also be used to describe the species of a great many Creatures.

The reason I’ve switched from “Fairy” to “Faery” is to acknowledge the RACES and REALMS of THE EARTH we are reweaving into the 3rd dimension of our New Earth structures. There are sooooooooo many Fae Souls here and other Multidimensional BEings on their own Earth Walks that are also here to heal the broken agreements between Faerie and Humanity. It was magical to even be able to experience these things! Let alone play an actual part in a piece to something larger than the individual.

Anyway, the SEAS!!! I grew up on the water in the city of Burlington off of Lake Ontario; one of Canada’s Great Lakes. Though it’s freshwater its expansive size and vast watery seascape allowed the 6th dimensional consciousness; most refer to as “imagination” to really soar into the possibilities of Oceans reaching past the Galactic Seas of our Solar System to Galaxies we could only dream of being a part of. Space felt far away on Earth, but the lake waters of both Ontario and Erie graced my entire childhood in a deep way, allowing me to remember the connection to the Stars I could have if only I remembered the waters….

….many of my early childhood memories include dreams of becoming a Merbeing. The Merfolk were always something I knew well and the Water Faeries were something I had completely forgotten about until Larissa had mentioned her encounters with some at the ocean beach in Germany she had moved to just under a year prior. The Water Fae Folk were really truly calling to me as well. So much so that I had even attempted to sketch some of the Creatures that I had been seeing return to the physical world most call “reality” …but THAT was the issue now wasn’t it; the disbelief. No one could fully dive into the Inner KNOWING what it was to be a Fae Soul and/or Grail Knight on the Sacred Inner Quest to heal the broken Faery Accord (I will write about this when it is time to) …

…. Believing.

I used to hold so tight and devoted to my beliefs. Until they shattered before my very eyes and everything I believed to be of my Heart was of my Mind. Ahhh when was I going to finally be done with this past experience?!?!? Why was it so damn traumatic?!?!? …. I felt into it as my fingers continued to hit the keyboard and I knew why instantly:

The CRAZY Wound.







….. The Witch… sigh

I was ok now. I took a deep breath and tried to remember my intentions surrounding this post. Ah, yes the Wild Seas and how they come into play with the Faerie… well the witch was certainly a connector piece. You see the Water Faery were witches! and the Sea Witch was one of my long lost Selves; a fragment if you’d prefer to look at this Shamanically; I hadn’t fully gotten that part of my Self back yet…. but it was happening.. and as I healed this within my own Sacred Human Vessel and began embodying more of my Heart Truths and Inner Knowings it would ripple out as needed. There was never a need to rush through healing…. life was a healing process on a continuous flow of the Ocean itself. I am not here to ….

….the Mountain Elf returned my call.

That reflection has left me in an interesting position of Self Exploration. We were still at a stand still and I was completely content to allow myself the opportunity to just allow this to release into the very Wild Seas I started this post wishing to share within this storyline…

…now I was really ready to release the anchor and Set Sail into the energetic vibration of the Heart Open Path… I was done entertaining anything less than the path that called my Heart forth… THAT would always be a Faerytale, for it was my own Sacred Quest and I was a Fae in Human form.

I wasn’t some make believe thing, some character mask….

I was finally ready to embrace the Core Essence of my own Heart Truth.

I was Free.

~ Raven

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