Nature’s Divine Union

It had happened.

I was teary-eyed as I typed. The Solar Eclipse during last week’s New Moon really actualized the experience I had felt inside my experience 11 months prior; the Father Energy grounding into the Mother Earth in Sacred Union. I felt the switch; Mother Energies rising into the stars and Father Energies grounding into the Earth’s Core.


I couldn’t stop sighing. It was such a beautiful experience to be a part of and to fully witness, as I had impulsively felt the call to go to the water’s when I had heard that as the Sun rose for the day the Eclipse would be in process and would be fully visible at the Lakefront. AHHH! So I went to bed relatively early and to my surprise woke up early enough to pack some things for ceremonial ritual, make a coffee and gather my bike gear.

For those interested in witchcraft, magic(k) or anything connected to Nature and the divine Yin Essence that flows through these processes; TRUST YOURSELF!!! Witchcraft is sovereign! You can’t fuck it up….well, you can, but overall it’s a life path, a quest, a gateway for one to explore their Divine Femininity, regardless of Human Vessel. So for me, when I was gathering the items I needed for the Eclipse Offerings and Ceremony; I simply followed my heart.

Following the natural flow of my own intuition had become this inwards, and external never-ending ceremony; it was just life experienced. So I grabbed the Rose Water that I had made from the single “Beauty & The Beast Rose” that I had grow from a dead plant I found discarded some years back, it had bloomed a single flower for me this year and I knew that was because I had been offering it my moon blood. So intuitively I also grabbed the jar I had of my own moon blood from last months shed as well and tossed them in my backpack.

I had spent time wrapping an old David’s Tea box in old journal coverings I had ripped off before burning their contents and used them to decorate it so I’d had an easy way to transport my Brain Froud Oracle Deck but also some alter type items. So I grabbed that too with selenite, rose quartz, dried wild rose petals and the Tree Portal Key connected to Hemlock and the Money Tree…

….and of course; my current journal. I never went too far without a means of writing my experience down. I made it out my door just as light was starting to pierce through the darkness and even saw a family of Foxes on my trip to the waterfront. I was excited. The energies just felt magical and though my legs were tired, my body adjusted to the exercise and pushed forward so I made it to the water just as the Sun was beginning to rise; it felt like something I couldn’t explain was about to happen.

I set myself up on an abandoned log that was laid across the sand about 20 feet from the water’s edge and pulled out the items I needed and rearranged some items on an abandoned fire pit for a Ceremony. The shore birds and Sea Gulls were all busy with the morning light signalling for them it was a start to another New Day…

….to be honest, as the Sun rose and I saw the eclipse happening soooooo much intuitively flowed right out of me; including my own internal “Healing and Reconciliation” of my British roots landing on Haudenosaunee Treaty lands and also that of the Battle of 1812. I flowed with it. It all came out of me and I alchemized those two opposing forces internally as I offered my blood to the land and sung words about the brothers healing within my own vessel.

The eclipse itself felt like I was back in time; to that other eclipse in July 2020; where from my internal perspective; the world flipped upside-down. I cried, I experienced, I offered the Divine Sacred Union of Nature itself the Rose Water and outdated “Fairytale” lies as I sung through a NEW Union; one of the Earthling; the Father Earth & Mother Earth in Union as Planet Earth that we all walked upon as we co-weaved a New Earth together. It felt profound and I wasn’t really expecting it.

I mean I knew I was alchemizing a New Divine Sacred Union internally, I knew and understood many others were also ascending outdated Romantic Attachments and “Twin Flame” Narratives into something we didn’t quite yet know how to articulate because there really weren’t examples of these “Couplings” happening externally …yet.

So when the Sun was embodying the Moon and I was literally witnessing as the merger of these two polar forces joined together as a physical actualization of this internal Quest I had been on, I just collapsed onto my knees and opened my chest to receive it; experience it; witness it.


I hadn’t been “crazy” at all! I had been embodying this truth and now it was here for the rest of humanity, for the rest of the Fae Souls… they would be feeling this inside. Everyone always assumes that Healing the external must happen there but how would one heal the broken Faery Accord between Fae & Human if they could not alchemize that merger within themselves?

This felt like confirmation that I had done the inner work and I instantly grabbed my wrapped alter box and pulled out the Faery Oracle, as the Eclipse was still happening, I just stared at it and when I felt called to the bottom of the deck; I saw it; The Oak Men card!!! I sighed and smiled as Oak to me is that grounded Masculinity in my own Union as a Wood Nymph…. I said aloud, “Omg! If I get the Green Woman….” Just as I said it I felt called to another card and turned it over; The Green Woman was staring back at me and I just cried. IT WAS THE MOTHER NATURE’s FAERYTALE I confirmation in the Fae too!!!!

I placed the cards on display to finish my ceremony and the “Zero Card” flew out as I did so; yet another confirmation, it was time for me to connect back to my Faery Guide, sigh, it was time for me to walk the talk. Time for me to be who I felt I was inside. It was so beautiful and the cards allowed me the grounded physical realm confirmation I needed to get up, put some music on and just embody that Internal Sacred Union with the Earth to really feel it inside me.

So many more magical things happened at the beach that morning but I had to get back! I was a Mother after all and my Children were set to arrive by 7am… we also ended up doing a morning Ritual Ceremony together as we always work the moon phases together and Salt Spring Island Dreams needed to include their energies always. I wanted to ensure I never made the same mistake I made before; focusing on Dreaming without them.

On my cycle home I had to pull over as the license plates “1111” and “Sir Eric” passed by me simultaneously. I mean, I didn’t really want validation of my Little Mermaid Complexes of the subconscious past shadows but just seeing it after the witnessing of Earths Inner Union felt magical! I was like “Fuck Yaas! I’ll take a Sir Eric!” maybe Sir was really allowing my Inner Grail Knight his own validation of a Quest well walked! I felt like my inner masculinity was super sexy. Ha! It’s funny but I think I hated my inner man before, now he was super attractive to my femininity and I felt safer to embody a Female in my Identity.

I hope you all enjoyed this energetic shift of our Planet and I hope it inspires you to create an INNER Union that has both Yin/Yang energies feeling honoured, safe and loved in a mutual partnership that serves Earth.

So, even though I didn’t want to be Ariel & Eric, I was aware that that was my youngest core self’s dream partnership and I knew that I had transformed them both into something soooooooooo much deeper and different. I was excited to embrace life and witness how this magical Sacred Union would manifest in my own interpersonal relationships. If anything I just felt like it was confirmation I had moved through Disney’s Romantic Web of Lies and was finally in a place where I felt whole and complete, but vulnerable and open to anything that was in alignment with my Heart Open Quest.

Until next time,

~ Raven

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