Who is Raven?

“I will always strive to embody more of my Heart’s Truth in each moment of existence”

– Raven.

Raven Alison is a Psycho-Shamanic trauma informed Mystical Guide that specializes in Shadow Shifting & Integration that empowers the individuation of Self. Shadow Shifting is a unique Craft that allows subconscious fantasies, karmic narratives and ‘kinked’ trauma loops to surface, in order to look at, embody and consciously integrate. These personal processes involve shamanism, psychodrama and embodied dream exploration to help others reach deeper truths within their Essence of Being. Raven is an identified Dragon Fae and Magician who believes that when we allow ourselves the opportunity to explore our Personal Storylines in safe, non-judgemental, fun ways; like we were when we were children, we can remember that ALL we required lives inside our own Self. Raven empowers others to be their own healers and wishes that more people had access to integrating trauma from childhood & ancestral mythogenetics in Community Safe Spaces.

Hello, my name is Raven and it is also the Medicine I choose fly with because it holds deep sacred meaning to me and my own Personal Path this lifetime. I truly feel honoured to be capable of reflecting out The Raven Magick in a way that empowers the individual to safely explore their own Subconscious Undercurrents and integrate through their Shadows, birthing unconscious to Consciousness.

I am a being no different than you. I am a Mother, a Mystic, a Magician, a Creator, a Visionary and a Dragon Fae Soul consciously participating the Collective Unfolding. One thing that has remained constant on my entire life journey is that I choose to walk a very Shamanic Path. This allows me to integrate my own Shadows head on as I continuous learn, re-weave old patterns and grow acting as both an eternal student and a guide for others that cross my path.

The Ravens as an Internal Pair can help balance the Inner Magician and Witch of the Soul. – RA

Not every Magician is a Shaman BUT every Shaman is a Magician and the Raven as a Sacred Path has inspired me to carve out a new story for the Magician as an embodiment of the Ravens sacred Medicine.

Many people in today’s society are calling themselves Shaman without any knowledge of exactly what this means. If the would-be shaman does not have the ability to look at his or her own shadow side, this person is not meant to follow the Path of the Shaman. This person would never be able to confront or handle the results and/or intentions of black shamanism. […] True Medicine People do not have to announce or brag that they are Shamans or Medicine People at all. They work quietly with humility because they know their worth in the eyes of Great Mystery. The opinions of others do not change the sense of Self held by a True Healer or Shaman. A Shaman has walked up to the gates of his or her personal hell and then walked in. The quality that always shines in a True Shaman is compassion for the paths that others must walk. This comes from the fact that the Shaman has also walked through the Underworld of the shadow and knows firsthand the pain involved in breaking the stranglehold of inner darkness.

– Jamie Sam’s – Hancoka Olowampi (Midnight Song)

I am a Certified Shamanic Practitioner & Shadow Worker and have studied extensively as an apprentice with 3 different shamanic lineages ranging from South America, Ireland and Turtle Island. I prefer to call myself a “Psycho-Shamanic Mystic” because of the nature in which I consciously conjure Archetypes, engage with Myth, Dreams and use Ritual Magick in all my practices. I am also a natural Shapeshifter; which is something I have been fine-tuning in direct alignment with the Raven Medicine path of the Dragon. I reflect these skills out every Tuesday 12pm EST through insta. [full list of credentials]

Tools we Craft ourselves are as Sacred as the Lands we walk. Symbolically Crafting Spiritual Gear brings the Dream into Reality. – RA

I am openly choosing to explore the Heart Path of the Dragon; which is Creational Life Force that flows through the Fae Soul Frequencies in our Collective Consciousness. I enjoy specializing in Fae Soul specific Shadow integration which involves Internally exploring the Faery Accord Threefold and mending distortion within to reflect wholeness without. I feel strong in devoting my Self to the Bigger Collective Vision, surrendering my gifts to best align with my service to the Earth in alignment with the Indigenous Lands I currently reside upon (Haudenosaunee & Anishnaabeg) and the Faery Accord.

The Sacred Heart Path goes forward into its Self expanding into the Collective Vision for the overall Health of Earth. – RA

I will always remain rooted in my surrender to Earth and what it needs from me to empower a Bigger Vision, beyond the Self. Right now that’s reflecting The Raven Magick out to others as I openly surrender to my own Heart Path unfolding. Offering personal 1:1 opportunities for others to Reflect with me and explore their own Shadow parts. I have also decided to launch a Shadow Shifting Community through Patreon, so please feel free to pledge on the Main Community page for all things Raven Magick! I will always strive to remain receptive to Faeries in my Artistic expression and Shadow Shifting Craft through my Raven Medicine as I honour the Threefold of Human, Fae & Creature within my own Self.

I am so grateful to exist this time on Earth,

~ Raven

Here is a link to some of my past trainings and personal trajectory of current studies I’m enrolled in. Click Here.

*though I am Certified in Jungian Shadow Integration please note that “Shadow Work” is still an ungoverned field of specialty and I empower you to vet your “Shadow Guides” appropriately. As Jung and his works are quite intricate and psychological in nature, so do your research as many are claiming to know the Shadow when they aren’t waking a Shamanic Path in alignment with Great Spirit*