Who is Raven?

“I will always strive to embody more of my Heart’s Truth in each moment of existence”

– Raven.

Raven Alison is a skilled Psycho-Shaman & Trauma informed Guide that specializes in Shadow Shifting & Fae Soul Integration. Shadow Shifting in a unique Craft that allows subconscious fantasies, karmic narratives and ‘kinked’ trauma to surface to look at, re-enact and consciously integrate. The processes involve shamanism, psychodrama and embodied waking dream journeying to help others reach deeper Heart Truths within their Mer Essence of Being. She is an identified Faery Witch who believes that when we allow ourselves the opportunity to explore our Personal Storylines in safe, non-judgemental, fun ways; like we were when we were children, we can remember the innate enchantment that lives within us all. Faerytale Energetic “kinks” from childhood & Ancestral trauma is something she wishes more people had access to processing and integrating in Community Safe Spaces.

Raven is also the Medicine I choose fly with because it’s a special force that holds deep Sacred meaning to me and my own Personal Myth. I am a being no different than you. I’m a Mother, a Witch, a Creator, a Visionary and a Divine Creature. One thing that has remained constant on my entire life Quest is that I consciously choose to walk the Shamanic Heart Open Path.

Now, I have very mixed feelings surrounding the term “Shaman” and I feel that it is both misused and misunderstood. Most Native American Indigenous Clans did not call their Medicine Men and Women “Shamans” as one illustration. Also many individuals partake in Neo Shamanism and Shamanic Practices (which I do as well) but they are far from embodying that Path in its Truth.

Turkey Vulture’s are one of my most Trusted Allies

I feel that instead of paraphrasing an Indigenous Person’s words I will add this quote by Jamie Sams when referring to her learnings from the Mexican Indigenous Teachings from her own Mentor. I have a lot of respect for her Sovereign Heart Path and all she has given to us with more privilege than our BIPOC brothers and sisters.

Many people in today’s society are calling themselves Shaman without any knowledge of exactly what this means. If the would-be shaman does not have the ability to look at his or her own shadow side, this person is not meant to follow the Path of the Shaman. This person would never be able to confront or handle the results and/or intentions of black shamanism. […] True Medicine People do not have to announce or brag that they are Shamans or Medicine People at all. They work quietly with humility because they know their worth in the eyes of Great Mystery. The opinions of others do not change the sense of Self held by a True Healer or Shaman. A Shaman has walked up to the gates of his or her personal hell and then walked in. The quality that always shines in a True Shaman is compassion for the paths that others must walk. This comes from the fact that the Shaman has also walked through the Underworld of the shadow and knows firsthand the pain involved in breaking the stranglehold of inner darkness.

– Jamie Sam’s – Hancoka Olowampi (Midnight Song)

I feel like the Shaman in the form of the Magician is something I will always be engaging with and integrating to deeper Heart Truths on my own Sacred Path, as I am choosing to walk it consciously. I feel deep humility and gratitude to have these medicine gifts available to me. It is my connection to the Land, Earth, Faeries and other Creatures that keep me going. I will always keep going because the Sacred Path is straight; like an Arrow of Truth. One’s Heart Truth is your own protection! It keeps you on path with the Inner Drum beat of your own Heart knowing and internal compass of truth…

….there is no other Gift one could give themselves and others than that! The gift of simply Being; just existing as you are, in each moment. So yes, I do hold Shamanic experience and wisdom, I just won’t ever identify as a Shaman. I respect it too much and fully Own my Inner Magician with the beauty, mysticism and enchantment of Raven Medicine. The Ravens are the Inner Divine Union of Earth it Self.

Our tools are as Sacred as the Lands we walk

I have always felt like two souls inside one body and our Indigenous People’s would’ve referred to this as being a “two-spirit” or “ma-ho” and considered it a Sacred Gift of being a unique third gender; I call it being a Fae Soul!

I openly identify as a Fae Soul; which is a Frequency in our Collective Subconscious you can Internally Alchemize through Heart Truth embodiment in Partnership with your Sacred Human Vessel & Ground Healing Enchantment into the Earth. I also identify as a Shapeshifter; which is another gift I have been fine-tuning in direct alignment with the Raven Medicine path of the Shaman. I feel strong in devoting my Self to the Bigger Collective Vision, surrendering my gifts to best align with my service to the Earth in alignment with the Indigenous Lands I currently Quest upon (Haudenosaunee & Anishnaabeg) and the Healing of the Faery Accord [Agreement between Humans & Faeries working in Partnership in accordance with the Threefold Trinity]. *the Threefold Trinity is an alliance between Fae, Faery & Creatures and this Trinity must honour the Threefold of Faeries, Humans & Creatures in unity and relationship, the Human portion includes the Inner Animal & Robotica) but that’s definitely another story!

So, although I DO have some of the fancier “certifications” and “titles” I continue to immerse myself in the Faeries, Tree Elders, Animals, Creatures & Plants and their teachings instead; for they always know the Sacred Path. I reflect with my experience of Being and receive and give with an Open Heart. I attempt to “get over” my Self whenever I notice I’m blocking my own Sacred Viewpoint of where my Dreaming Powers weave naturally into the Bigger Universal Plan and don’t find the need to highlight my skills and capabilities. I trust that Great Spirit knows how to flow through us, whatever is being called forth is what will happen when it’s needed, in Divine Alignment and Time. All things coming back through in the Sacred Circle of Life.

The Sacred Heart Path goes forward into its Self

Overall, I am a Dreamer & Visionary who believes that if more of us took to the Sacred Heart Quest to reveal the Truth of their Inner Heart we would all be WALKING OUR DREAMS instead of packaging them to sell to others. I will always remain rooted in my surrender to The Enchanted Earth and what it needs from me to become Reality in tangible ways that make sense for the Bigger Vision, beyond the “Me”.

Right now that’s embodying my Heart Truth as I embody my own Fae Soul as the Mer Essence in Raven as I openly surrender to my own Heart Path unfolding. I am honoured to HOLD a larger Vision for health of our Planet and offer the sacred space to other Fae Souls that wish to weave & ground their own Heart Truths of the Faery through the Fae Soul Podcast Dream Stream. I will always strive to remain receptive to Faeries in my Artistic Expression and Shadow Shifting Craft in my Mental Magick and Raven Medicine.

I am so grateful to exist this time on Earth,

~ Raven