Entering The Collective Unfold…

Entering the Collective experience is an adventurous inner journey one can choose to explore within their own Self. This is because everything we integrate and make conscious within ourselves, reflects outwards into the Collective. This naturally occurs whether one is aware of it or not, through symbols, characters and archetypal motifs that exist beyond space and time within the individual and collective psyche. So, thank you for being open to discovering your unique Heart thread within your own Storyline and how it weaves into the Universal Core of Earth.

In my own Mythic Embodied experience and Shadow integration it largely included something I refer to as the Fae Soul Consciousness, which is simply an extension of Faeryland itself, manifest through our embodiment of it. Again, this is happening and the main issue is that others aren’t necessarily aware of how to tangibly ground it as opposed to dissociating into it; since fairytales are often rooted inside ones Complexes. However, there is no “Otherworld” to escape to when we consciously Shift through our Shadows and remember that in order for something to become “reality” it MUST have a connection to Earth with a valid feedback loop. I find that integrating the “fairytale” Parts of our Shadow into Consciousness is of utmost important during this multidimensional expanding time we are currently living in.

Also included in my unique exploration of the Collective Shadow and how it manifests through ones unique experience is the that of the Dragon. I have come to understand the rising of Dragon Consciousness as a Collective experience unfolding and integrating and that has largely influenced my methods of empowering conscious embodied Ritual into not only my own Craft for Soul Alchemy, but for those choosing to work & reflect with me.

Traditionally viewed as an Archetypal structure of ones Ego, or something to be slain, the Dragon explored as more of an Animistic extension of Earth’s Consciousness can help bridge a more mythically, holistic and otherworldly life experience grounded into tangible reality. When we accept that we are all one Web, all one Dream, all one Story, but each our own Thread, it becomes evident that our active and collaborative participation is required to more actively integrate our Shadows and birth more Consciousness back through Earth.

When we learn to share and reflect these deeper truths with one another, we can ground the otherworldly, mythical Parts of Self into definitive reality in alignment with the overall health of our Planet. Living myth consciously IS a Collective unfolding; one where we can take part in it together, each contributing to a larger Vision, recreating a renewal for Earth. It’s not so much as needing to “wake up” anymore on Earth, it’s more so that others need help grounding back inside themselves instead of looping in an illusionary World of disconnection.

Exploring the Sacred Lands you reside on and your own Blood lineage through Stories that resonate with your heart helps ROOT deeper truths and birth them from the Dream into tangible reality.”

– RA

It is not always easy to accept the deeper awareness of these lost Parts of Self when we have been convinced that it’s nothing more than “Fantasy” or Untruth. However, it is a POWERFUL path to ones own unique expression embodied when we explore the mythogenetics within our Souls and learn how they align with the totality of life. Being in our true Essence is worth Shifting through the Collective Shadows, diving deeper into what our inner truth actually is. Alchemizing and integrating Shadow identities, collective distortion and our own Personal mythogenetics is a very bold path to choose. This Path illuminates TRUTH in the Dragon & Creational energies of consciousness and transmutes anything that doesn’t align with the overall Health of the Planet.

When we use our Higher Vision and Imagination as the COLLECTIVE Dreaming Power it is, we become more capable of expanding and reflecting deeper Collective Truth. Much like the wood wide web, we too are like Individual Trees acting as Pillars of Light and Energetic exchange through the Dream Weave and Earth’s Crystalline Communication System. This is why I choose the Sacred Path of The Ravens Magick; as I believe we are all capable of bringing more consciousness to life through our own investigation & integration of the Shadow. We are free to embody our FULL Essence in truth, free in the power of being born into Earth as a Divine Beings of Creation; the true Creational Consciousness within & without. 

The Mer Essence is an Embodied Medicine that helps us activate our Primordial Waters in the form of Dreaming Powers. – RA

Through my own journey I have learned how to open my heart into the expanded expression of the Medicine of the Ravens, relaxing while exploring & integrating the internal alchemy of the Mer Essence as a Primordial Force into my own Essence of Being. The Mer Essence is a way we safely explore and integrate the Shadows of *The Faery Accord and was a result of my own spun Mythic Experience with the Ravens as an internal pair. I feel honoured to reflect how the Ravens interact with me and how I perceive their Medicine & Magick out to others, empowering their own ability to alchemize both their Personal & Collective Shadows and align themselves with the Earth.

The Trees are a huge part of my Sacred Path as they are an instant connection to both Serpent and Dragon Energies of Earth itself. This is because they are our Eldest Wisdom Keepers and thus know of ALL Story through the mycelium webs of our Planet. They also act as a Guide and baseline for those not ready for Shadow Work. Everything the mind creates is a story thread; an illusionary tale. By giving your Self permission to integrate and thus choose better storylines, while safely exploring your current ones without judgement we can birth newness and life into reality though our own Essence rooted in our Heart Truth.

“to have Raven’s knowledge” – Old Irish Proverb meaning to have Seer’s gifts and powers. #theravenmagick

That IS the Heart Path of the Shadow; integrating past distortions and weaving a new Collective Story together, as one functioning Unit. We don’t have to hide our “Darker” Parts, it is SAFE for us to love and embody the hidden Gold of our own Souls. We have the CHOICE to participate in a bigger Story than our own, “catching” the distortion of our own stories and rewriting our lives. If you aren’t there yet, go to the Trees and trust them to help you cultivate Self Love prior to tackling the Shadow.

Rooting into Earth and checking into our personal motives is vital when we are in this together. This is where I feel that the Raven’s as an internal pair really can help; as they are completely devoted to one another and are a Universal symbol of magick. Exploring them inside your own Self helps equalize the Collective Magician’s Shadows, instead of pretending only “Light” exists. For to deny that magick contains both light and dark is to deny the Magician internally, which causes the detached qualities of this Archetypal Structure to influence our subconscious inside our Medicine Womb. The Inner Ravens explored as a projection of our own Self can help integrate the Witch Mother Womb AND the Shadow Dream Magician into your own unique stream of Magick in harmony with Earth as a Medicine.

Artist – Selkie Selenite: Runna

Acting within alignment of The Faery Accord and the overall health of our home Earth, I would like to acknowledge that my current Sacred Heart Path is being experienced on the Sacred Lands of the Haudenosaunee and Anishnaabeg Treaty Territories. These Sacred Lands are protected by the “Dish With One Spoon” wampum agreement which is connected to the Crown Lands of which my own blood lineages are from in the Celtic Isles. I strive for Right Relationship in alignment with the Otherworld as it is of This World and the Dream is held at equal to Waking Consciousness in my Craft, Methods and Processes.

As Brain Froud, known for his extensive role in healing this forgotten part of our Earth once said:

In one sense, Faery is a land of the past, where the spirit world and the human world once worked in close harmony. In the faeries’ presence, we experience a nostalgic yearning for that time…and for all the lost hopes and all the lost dreams, all that once was or might have been, and may someday be again.

I always include asking permission from the Sacred Earth in all my Embodied Ritual Magick and Dream or Shadow Alchemy Crafts. I strive to learn more about the Indigenous Community of both the Lands that I reside on and those of my Blood lineage and how I can best be in alignment with them while honouring and remembering my own Ancient Traditions and on my own Sacred Path.

I am honoured to be embodied as a Reflection of Raven Medicine & Magick as a Shadow Worker and Psycho-Shamanic Guide this life!!

Thank you for existing, reading all of this & visiting my website!

– Raven

**The Faery Accord is an Original Agreement between Humans, Faeries & Creatures working in Unity & Partnership, anchored through Two Trees in our Core Mythology and rooted through the Heart Chakra Current of our Planet. Mythogenetics, coined by mythologist Dea Isidora PhD; is based on the way stories interact with not only our psyche but also our emotional bodies and genealogy.