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In Partnership with Dea Isidora, mythologist and founder of Avalon Academy we were asked to dive deeper into the Dragon Shadow and how it interacts with the Faery Accord.

After our episode on the Confessions of a Fae Soul Podcast many of those identifying as Fae Souls wanted more information on the Dragon Consciousness and how they could work towards more consciously integrating the Dragon’s Collective Shadow on a personal internal level and a collective external level.

Below is the first episode and in subsequent episodes will be exploring the Faery Accord as an internal process of Soul integration and then we will break each component down even further; Fae, Creature Human so everyone has the opportunity to reflect about these aspects of their own unique Fae Soul mythogenetics.

Episode 2 in this Series: Restoring The Faery Accord

Episode 3 in this Series: Fae, Fey, Elven, Elf the otherworldly kin.

Episode Four in the Series: Creature & Animal Kin.

Listening to The Avalon Podcast series with Dea and Raven has been such a gift for me to receive. Especially the most recent “Fae, Fey, Elven, Elf otherworldly kin” episode. Dea and Raven make seemingly intangible concepts, grounded and easy to receive. It’s relieving to hear them articulate energy that I’ve felt for years, but never knew how to bring words to. Listening to the podcast makes me feel seen in my lived experiences. And more importantly, I am reminded that I am not alone. What I experienced in the fae fog was real and true and not a fantasy. Dea and Raven bridge realms together so beautifully; their gifts compliment each other with Raven bringing her lived experiences and Dea with her academic background. I have loved all the episodes so far and am excited to continue listening!”

Nel – Grounding Star

All episodes are available through all listening platforms and will be made available in video format through Avalon Academy’s YouTube channel.

Let us know how this resonated and if you want to book 1:1 time with me to dive deeper into your own Dragon Fae Shadows please email me directly

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