Nature Heals, Path of The Shaman, The Trees

How to find a “Tree Key” and Connect Deeper to Trees!

I'm not sure where this concept originated, all I can tell you is that on my individual journey I was told this special secret from a wise old Oak tree a few years back. This was at a time where I had only just begun to remember the deep connection I had forgotten I had… Continue reading How to find a “Tree Key” and Connect Deeper to Trees!

Nature Heals, The Trees

Why YOU Should Connect to Trees!

Trees are a Gateway back to Nature. I live in my truth that nature is us and we are it. Most of us live a life of separateness thinking we need to compete or that we are superior to nature; plants/animals/resources. When in fact nature is just a mirror to who we are as a… Continue reading Why YOU Should Connect to Trees!

Personal Reflection

Winter. You have changed me.

Winter used to be something I dreaded, hated even. I couldn't wait for it to be over with and other than the odd first snowfall or the one off birthday night out in heels and snow storms I wanted to move away from it, but then something changed ... It was January 1st 2017. I… Continue reading Winter. You have changed me.