Raven’s Sacred Path Trajectory:

I am a Psycho-Shamanic Mystic who specializes in Shadow Shifting as a way of moving through life more consciously in alignment with our true Essence. I have a natural ability to receive knowledge through the Trees and honour their sacred wisdom & guidance. I can interpret the Dream Weave as threads and vibrations, through that of my own Guides and Animal Allies. I come from an educational background in Environmental Science, specializing in Fish & Wildlife Biology. I also come from a Corporate background in Sales, Marketing and Coaching. I have apprenticed under numerous Shamanic Elders and I am currently open to a new Guide or Mentor that feels aligned with my Sacred Path. I don’t do traditional Shamanism because I believe all people can heal themselves once connected to their personal power. I prefer to act as an eternal student and guide reflecting my psycho-shamanic way of living mythically, inspiring ones ability to bring the unconscious into consciousness. Below you can discover some of my past studies/certificates and current ones I am traversing on my own Sacred Path.

– Raven

The Magician reborn
as the Dragon Mystic Crone

Raven Alison

  • Certified Shamanic Practitioner, Quetzalcoatl Aztec Lineage. [2018]
  • Shamanic Apprentice of Grey Druid Dragon Lineage – Mentor Jack McKeever. [2002 – 2020]
  • Certified Usui Reiki Master [registered 2008]
  • Tantric Kundalini Training from Arch Angel Michael Lineage [2017 – 2020]
  • Executive Business Leadership Coach: Essential Impact Certified. [2018 – 2020]
  • Tree Spirit Medicine Studies; Monika Ghent from Dreaming Willow. [2018 – 2022]
  • Embodied Movement & Improv Contemporary Dance – Aeris Korper Dance Company. [2018-2020]
  • Healing & Trauma Certification. Mohawk College. [2021]
  • Somatic Informed Trauma Training. Embody Lab. [2021]
  • Shadow Work Certificate: Emerald Wilkins. [2021]
  • Dream Studies 101: Naomi Brodner, Ritualcravt. [2022]
  • Archetypal Artist Course: Pacifica University. [2022]
  • Avalon Academy – Avalon Rose Grove, Dragon & Fae Mythogenetic Studies. [2022]
  • Sex Magick and Deep Shadow Ritual. Dea Isidora [2020-2021]
  • Shadow Worker Diploma Certification. Jungian Analyst, James Hollis. [2022]
  • Shadow Mastery Cert. Centre of Excellence [2022]
  • Advanced Shadow Mastery Diploma Certification. Centre of Excellence [2022]
  • Working with Dark Goddesses Diploma [2022]


  • Jungian Tarot Course & Advance Tarot for Therapy [2023]
  • Dream Analysis & Therapy Diploma. Centre of Excellence [2023]
  • Somatic Trauma Extensive Certification. The Embody Lab [Awaiting 2023 Scholarship]


  • Archetypal Awareness as a Fluid of Energetics in Mythos & Stories.
  • Embodied Imagination & Dream Journeying.
  • Shapeshifting, Shadow Shifting & Spiritual Gear.
  • Ritual Magick & Embodied Ceremonial Soul Alchemy.
  • Prophetic Awen Conscious Divine Channel.
  • Metal and Tree Magick as a Craft of Shadow Shifting.