New Worlds from Other Worlds.

Thra was flowing through me. ….

I hadn’t ever tapped into it fully because a) I had been unravelling and re-weaving my old storylines and those of our Planet and b) My Friendship with Selkie provided the Heart Threads I needed through her Deeply Woven connection to Thra and Brian Froud’s Creatures themselves. However, after the Cast Off of Neverland and the entry into the Open Heart Seas….

… my surprise, the Faery Tales began to bud.

I was getting what I called “Song Downloads” again. This was a past concept I had often flowed through without question. Allowing Archetypal Fluids of unconscious traumas and Shadows; both Personal & Collective to inhabit me; All my “Parts” some containing Hearts, some completely Hollow & Heartless. Dr. Mikkal was right. The psyche is NOT a unified Consciousness. It was dangerous to believe so. I held the Vision of ONENESS but the storylines spoke for themselves and I felt strong in the Story again.

I think even exploring the Dust that was settling from the 2/22/22 Immersive Dream Voyage made sense. I was willing and Heart Open to trying again; especially now that I could SEE where I had gone “wrong” I DID make a mistake in the past and that was going IN OPPOSITION with my own Heart Path. I forgave my Self in the Ritual Ceremony me and The Crazy Crew had done in the Haven prior to the Passenger Gangway opening.

I had also recently met a professional Acting Coach and his reflections provided an Imaginative Sacred Viewpoint of the 3RD Dimension, most referred to as “Reality” and he was not for lack of Dreaming Powers in 6TH Dimensional Reality. I was looking forward to our Reflection Call to feel into the Heart and figure out if what I had been Crafting in the Past even had a Heart. If there was a Heart, it felt like it could be what Dr. Mikkal also referred to as the “Golden Shadow with the Money”. I was definitely Heart Open to those Streams in the Dream.

The Crazy Crew

THAT felt like what we had all just CO-Dream Woven together during the Voyage!! It felt like we released a lot of Past War Wounds & The Gold Digger. It just felt behind me and I appreciated that others had their own Shifts in Experience. Just receiving all the Authentic Feedback helped me truly SEE that we were doing that #TOGETHER 🙂 it was so beautiful to take the “Leap of Faith” and be held 🙂

Anyway, Thra; It’s a Henson/Froud World and that excited me. I had never truly dove into as mentioned and even now I technically wasn’t. I was connecting to Selkie at Heart in the Fae Soul Dream Stream and I was getting inspired by “Song of Thra” from The Dark Crystal – Age of Resistance soundtrack. The Henson company was Crafting a New World for a series and I was feeling like perhaps I could Craft a Other World that had physical tangibility in THIS World.

That was always my Goal & overall Vision: an IMMERSIVE HEALING FAERYTALE

We’re all Mad here!

That and me had sooooo many Shadows that we blind and painful to fully face and love to to integrate. This was the first time since burning and deleting everything from the past Story Series, that I didn’t feel afraid of my own Self. So I “entered” the World and explored some Creatures moving through me, connecting to some Spirit Sticks I have in my apartment. Sticks are one of my strongest methods of communication with the Faeryland. I flowed through different beings and used my Sacred Pole to move energies between it, the Spirit Sticks and the Honey Locust Tree I have at my Window.

My Witch Crafting had undertaken quite the transformation in my own Conscious Awareness of Self and Archetypes moving through my experience and I felt Safer and more confident to “let go” in the flow of my Imagination. Anyway, it can be addictive for me; living anywhere but HERE. So I needed and wanted to start truly pushing my Self to Ground TANGIBLE Dreams into 3D but at a much HIGHER level of Conscious Awareness than the World was currently acknowledging. The most interesting thing about what I am proposing is that nearly EVERYONE was already capable of doing it; if they only KNEW of it.

I wasn’t forcing the outcome or trying to “drive” things anywhere. I just wish to inspire others to Embody the Heart Truth of the Faery Accord which IS to be a Guardian of Nature. That meant getting more Conscious about what the fuck we were Dreaming together. The psyche is all over the Map!! We are always trying to Create Art or Heal Others and we really just needed to start Opening the Heart and aligning in a Collective Vision.

let me go back to sleep


Journal Entry: 02/26/22 

Feminine Cycle Day 9 – Spring – The Maiden

Moon Waning Crescent in Capricorn

“They are masters in the fantasy world-building space,” said Reedus, talking about the Frouds. “I mean, a show about goblins, trolls, and otherworldly creatures? There’s nobody in the universe better suited for that than the Henson Company.”

This was it. 

This was what Selkie and I shared in Heart Threads: The ability to Craft tangible Dream Fantasy WORLDS into reality. There WAS no one better suited, but I was optimistic that perhaps the Fae Souls coming together for a Vision bigger than the individual might ignite my Inner Heart Fire back up in this way.

I aspired to be more like Henson and Froud. Art Magicians as Selkie had referred to Brian Froud one day. That he was. A True Enchanter. Selkie was also that and I aspired to be more like all of them. However, I was more of a Visionary at Heart. So studying Henson’s path and others that had set out to hold a Larger Vision was important to me. My own visions involved grounding Fantasy Worlds INTO service of the Earth. The most logical Heart Path then became that of The Faery. 

Everyone was already Dreaming and creating Art but not many were truly LIVING it. Especially at their higher capacities. 

– Excerpt – The Dragon Book by Raven Alison


It felt good to imagine something NEW instead of be Unravelling my Self out of my Dream Shadows. I finally felt on the “Other Side” of it. I was aware Traumas and Parts can always be triggered even when we feel we’ve moved through them, but this felt Heart Expansive. That was the difference. Before I was traversing the Heart Open Path to get the fuck out of what I had Created in Ego and now the Heart Opening felt so Limitless. That allowed things to just Flow a lot better.

I was grateful for the successful Dream Voyage and excited for the Faeries of the Future and what we would Craft together. All I knew was that my current Pathway did indeed have a Heart.

It felt good being able to confidently identify that.

It felt like I could afford to float on the Open Heart waters till at least April. So March is looking like a transitional month for me and I invite you to just sit back, relax and Sail with me.

Until next time,


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