Never Land.

Don’t do it. 🌈

Speaking of “Neverland” my first ever attempt at extending my Psycho Shamanic Processes to an online group is happening Tuesday February 22nd 8pm EST and I couldn’t be more excited while simultaneously scared. I really plan to OWN who I am. That’s always difficult and to share that, even more so. It’s an Immersive Dream Voyage through Zoom; at a Core it’s Collective Shadow Integration in a FUN AF way!!! 🙂

…but Peter!!!!!!

Formal Invitations go out next week, on the 2nd and my GOAL here is ATTENDANCE. I really wish for a WIDE SPECTRUM AUDIENCE/RECEIVERS. This is because what I do is new and difficult to quantify, as my methods for shifting Shadows happens whether one is aware of it or not! Which is exciting because the FEEDBACK will be received Open Heartedly by me and my Crazy Crew and that will sort out a lot of “unknowns” I have 🙂 It’s so lovely to be in the Collective Dream Weave and Soul Story Lines. That is a Dream Walker and that’s a pretty interesting perspective to navigate; that’s why I trust the Divine Flow on everything I Craft into existence.

I originally thought I’d extend the invitation it to anonymous individuals, but there’s too much potential for Trauma triggers for other Guests. HOWEVER; should you wish to attend please be aware that it’s by donation only (ALL PROCEEDS going to mental health – Tree of Stars Foundation) and Guests/Passengers on the Immersive Dream Voyage are going to be supported and ENCOURAGED to “stick to their Thread”

What does this mean?

It means SOVEREIGNTY and honouring how YOU would like to experience this Transformative Event… so registering and keeping your camera and mic off the ENTIRE duration is completely permitted. Engaging FULLY to simply observing is ALL VALID.

Why is Money tied to Faerie and The Muse inside the Body?

So it’s actually going to be pretty interesting and fun for me to push my Self to ensure all levels of consciousness and participation feel Safe to Trust themselves!!

If you’re still like BUT WTF IS IT?! Don’t worry you’ll get an invitation if you’d like one ☺️ and the invites come equipped with a Dream Voyage Map & Legend so you’ll know My Storyline Course!

For those here since the beginning of my journey with DANCE YOUR YOU and Nature Girl and The Story Series – this is their combined “baby” mixed with a Quasi-Jungian Lens of Depth Psychology’s unravelling. Which truly was only as a method of Escaping then Expanding the “Collective Twin Flame Narrative” I got out of my own Animistic Hell Spell weave through Jung’s and then I began Expanding the “Twin Flame Narrative” into a Dream Weave Connected to the Bigger Collective Vision.

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“The way Carl Jung viewed life had a magical feeling like Neverland, I couldn’t wait to get there! [The Self]. It was as if my Inner Child believed that once I reached him, I’d know Me”

Raven Alison

So let THAT be a reflection for you – don’t be afraid to release, let go, move on – that’s composting and believe it or not when we have the courage to release our shitty ideas and dreams that weren’t working – LIFE BLOOMS from them 🌸

On the Online Immersive Dream Voyage: Guests will be encouraged (though it is not mandatory) to come as their “Neverland Selves” and that could mean different things to different people I know mine is quite the Manic Pixie Dream MashUp of my own Design 💥 😈

Anyway…. Don’t Land Keep going and Come Ride the Jungian Waves of the Collective Dream Stream: This is as light or as deep as the individual wishes to experience it! The Thread is in YOUR hands and trust that this Crazy Crew will keep to our Designated Course which is to help YOU expand your Heart Open Self into the Heart Vision of the Collective 🙂

So Come Onboard!!! and Set Sail with me and my Crazy Crew while we Craft SAFE SACRED SPACE for you to be exactly who you know you are inside! We can honour our Divine Child and allow Shadow Integration to be not only FUN! But COLLECTIVE!!! No longer must we Face our Shadows alone!

*Edit – Here is the PLAYlist I used for the Dream Voyage SoundScape if you’d like to go back to the Dream we Crafted #TOGETHER *

~ Raven 🐈‍⬛

[Feminine Cycle Day 6 – Season: Entering Spring 🧚🏻‍♀️ Archetypal Influence: The Maiden]

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