Making Magick Reality…

…the truth about making magic(k) real for me, was found it ones ability to embody it fully as their own Heart Truth. This was a tricky tightrope walk of the Dream that is life experienced. However, inside my reality every single person I collided with was allowing these deeper truths to become real in the physical world.

I tend to do my own Spellcraft intuitively. This is largely rooted in my Deep connection to the Tree Elders; as that is how they live; they simply exist as they are in a vibration of Unconditional Love. So when I’m creating a Magick Tool for a specific use that INSTANTLY gives it power. We are the co-creators of our reality and when we allow our Subconscious to lead us in the awareness that “fate” or “destiny” is actually our unknown parts of Self attempting to come into Awareness this can be quite Magical indeed!!! Instead of re-enacting the subconscious stories and myths out I simply embodied them and crafted magic within each experience. This allowed me to move forward with each step.

It will ALWAYS align!!!! You can ALWAYS find external validation of your internal reality!!! As within so without; so if we flip that around as without; so it is within! LOOK OUTSIDE!!! then move into new versions of how you’d like to be. I’ve been intuitively passing items back and forth between other Fae Souls and Humans alike! This magical way of living is super healing and a key component to embodying Magick as Reality.

As an example: my Muggle Friend Rob found a Sacred piece of driftwood in BC when he went some years back and brought it to me as a gift for my past Nature Girl Identity. Now, with my Mask off I could simply BE my truth instead of pretending it was some fantasy show, story or Character I had to perform for others or hide in secret about. So I had brought that wand gift from him to Ucluelet Little Beach last year when I visited BC and did some intense Merbeing Ritualistic Embodiments and met an Indigenous woman who knew the songs I was intuitively channeling from the Mermaids, Nereids and Serpents in the water. I was “setting them free” gifting the waters my blood in exchange for charging the Driftwood Wand with their Mer Essence.

The Driftwood Wand

Once back I have again used it whenever it’s called to me. That’s the trick: removing the minds need to “figure it out” I just TRUST and my intuition has always served me because again: WE ARE CREATING OUR REALITY….so my internal knowing will ALWAYS be reflected back to me. So I’m really unsure why more of us aren’t choosing to live like this. Last night Rob visited me and I told him he could select any magical item from my apartment he wished to have; he chose a Yellow Calcite Gemstone that I had been charging with the Mermaid/Pan Alchemy I was exploring to truly get these two in FULL alignment! I’d love to share more about the Mer and how it extends into both the Yin and Yang aspects of the individual but it is not time for that yet…

….anyway, I realized that with my new tighter budget for my trip to Salt Spring, that I would not be able to make my way over to Ucluelet this time, as I leave for BC in 3 weeks! EEEK! but Rob announced that he would be back on that Little Beach I had been this time last year. Instantly I asked if he would take the Driftwood Wand and charge it up there for me. He agreed and I also sent him home with his chunk of Petrified Wood. When people ask me what they are to do with the items I simply say “Allow” just allow your own intuition to create and experience the magic we can truly be when we choose to simply BE it.

Can wait for this to be here again

As Rob was leaving I hugged him at his car and he said “You know, I’ll be back in Ontario before you leave for out West” …. I was instantly even more excited! I LOVE a good plot twist; I would have an opportunity to receive the wand back to take with my to the island! This was exciting because in my own Fae-Tale I was consciously healing a “Brotherhood” wound on the maternal side of my own family lineage and also extending this outwards to the Collective Healing of the Faery Accord to depths I wouldn’t have clarity on until I arrived on the actual Soil and Indigenous Lands. Having Rob’s participation and energies involved in this made a lot of sense to me and I was honoured he even offered to come back to return the wand so I could make this happen.

So to recap:

To ones perception of reality that piece of driftwood is simply a piece of wood. To an artist, its a beautiful creation to display in ones home. To a witch its a piece of wood one can charge with their intentions to create and influence energy. To a Fae Soul it was a Sacred Collective Tool with a soul frequency of it’s own!

What does that mean?

Well it means that when I am crafting tools and I’ve experienced this from others Questing alongside me in these Deeper Heart Truths of the Faerie; the tool is more like it’s own entity. So the attachments of the 3rd material realm didn’t exist. This meant that when items were transferred between people we didn’t necessarily need them back; that was up to the Sacred Tool itself. Taylor Faye; another Fae Soul I know just sent me a care package of so many beautiful tools and one in particular was a Brass Bracelet. Instantly the item began “whispering” to me and I was aware it needed to be charge on both the Sugar Maple and my Sacred Tree Pole (which is also Brass) Metal is a SUPER potent energetic conductor and I decided to intentionally place the bracelet around the “Pole” sized Trees I was exchanging energy with and also to do the same with my Pole. This was such an AMAZING gift to receive because now I could have all these Magicks with me in Salt Spring!!!!

This is coming out west as well

I asked Taylor the Herstory of the Bracelet and she said it just came to her one day and then it asked to be given to me. She said it legit asked to go to me; that is LIVING the Magick!!! It’s beyond the individual, it’s beyond your own story, it’s trusting the FLOWSTATE of life itself. The MOMENT I had received all her items many of my own Sacred Tools began shifting and speaking to me to go to her. I’m talking SACRED STUFF!!! Items and Flower Spells and Magick Potions, Tree Keys etc that meant soooooooooooooo much to me. However, in these new Fae Soul Dream Weaves that some of use were beginning to fully EMBODY AS TRUTH there was ZERO attachement once an item called to be with another Fae Soul.

It just flows.

No part of me is thinking “I wonder if I’ll get that back?” no part of me is sad that they’re having to release the gift to another. It’s more exciting!!! To see how the Collective Story will unfold once these shifts happen! Another thing we Fae Souls have started doing it a technique I learned from the Gelflings: Dreamfasting!! Where we SHARE our Dreams with each other and the “coincidences” are just out of this world!!!!! There is NO DOUBT that we are weaving this together….

…Teaching Conscious Dream Embodiment is a goal I have on my own Sacred Quest. It’s always evolving and I feel like there’s another Individual I have yet to collide with that may possess the complimentary skillsets and wisdoms I need before this gets Grounded in that form but I wasn’t in a rush. It’s a Dream I had held for a long time; I knew it would happen eventually and I was getting ready to host some Dreamfasting Fae Soul Circles (one where we shared our experiences to gain deeper integration through reflecting with each other, and one where we could ground them through our embodiment of it as truth) …..

…Sometimes The Dreamer in me can have me far off on these intense visions of what we are currently capable of but whenever I grounded back to the present moment I was confident everything was unfolding exactly as it should. So these Fae Soul Tools and sharing of our embodied ceremony and magical life was simply a first step. Without the participation of others none of this could be real. So humility was a KEY component. One I definitely needed to remind my Self of regularly.

Sacred Sticks

There was none of this without everyone else and I was just excited that we could root back to the Earth and its real magick and choose different paths and embodiments of Character that were more in alignment with our Hearts. Most people don’t even comprehend how magical we can truly be.

Life could be magic if one simply allowed it to be in their day to day.

Until next time,

~ Raven

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