The Heroic Muse…

When we dance with the faeries, we dance with the reflections of our true selves and the true inner self of the world”

– Brian Froud

I came across this quote in his Faeries’ Oracle that Selkie and I have been working with daily as a means of connecting to the Fae and also as a tool to inspire us in the co-creation of doing something similar one day; though both Selkie and I operate on Divine Time and in a flow-state with the Heart Open Path so there was no timeline date or target involve, just open lovingness and flow.

I used to preach and walk the Heart LED Path but once this Heart Open path was reflected to me and truly experienced it made a lot more sense to surrender and allow, to soften and open, then attempt to aim the heart outwards and let it lead me anywhere. However, in the hindsight, especially after reading this quote from Brian, perhaps it was the Faerie leading me this entire time! Hadn’t I been dancing with them inside the story? Hadn’t I self actualized all these fragments of my true selves alongside them? hadn’t I reached the core of the Earth itself through the dance of the Fae?

Inner Union of Self

It would appear that that was indeed what had occurred within me.

So my daily life became less about the Hero’s Journey or Villain’s Quest and more about something Selkie and I had also be weaving together: The Heroic Muse. This was a new path that bridged the Inner Villain with the Inner Hero; as there are two sides to EVERY Story and every single Human here on Earth had their own unique story. I didn’t know or have attachment to how this would manifest either but the two of us often found ourselves reflecting about what it truly meant to BE and embody ones inner “Heroic Muse” ….

Heroic Muse Embodiment

…perhaps it would make sense to articulate what it currently was to me. Truthfully, it was an Essence of Heart Open Truth in which the individual would have to come to terms with their Inner Villain; the SOUL purpose of ones Hero; the HEART of the Quest at hand. Since the Hero Archetype was one of the largest going in the Collective Consciousness the Villain (as ones Inner Demon…or Daimon as Jung would have it, or Daemon as I chose to alchemize it ;)) was probably the largest Collective Subconscious Narrative….

….so bridging these with the Inner Muse and a fully integrated Hero/Villain just made sense to us; one couldn’t be grounded enough in their Heart Truth to allow the “demonic” force of opposition inside to alchemize if they hadn’t faced the Hero’s Journey and from my own experience and Sacred Viewpoint, one definitely couldn’t even begin to understand the “demonic” force in their subconscious shadow if they hadn’t faced the parts of themselves that wanted to truly be a Villain…


….in my Story Series of the past, I had done both. Selkie however, was already an embodied Muse and so together we could reflect the fragmented Hero’s Journey and Villains Quest and we began to notice just how deep and reflective this Inner Process could be and how it differed largely from Jung and Campbells work, although both of their perspectives helped us integrate this with the Sacred Viewpoint of the Fae themselves…

…so to be The Heroic Muse was something we wished to talk about so that others would feel safe grounding their own Fae Soul Frequencies within, while creating to inspire this Inner Quest that involved BOTH SIDES to ones individual story…

Heroic Fae Muses in action!

Writing this out boggled my brain as speaking about it was much easier, reflecting with Larissa; even easier. So we will most likely go LIVE together on instagram on this topic of our own inner explorations whenever the timeline aligns with that of the Faery. I highly recommend visiting her art page as well because Selkie is doing so much in her Heart Open Path to bridge the realms of the Faery Accord back to Earth and most people find her to be pure magic in Essence. I loved and valued our connection more than most. We definitely had something special and it always felt safe, loving and equal in its exchange.


“Loving Magic” was how she had once described it, as she often tells me that she is so grateful to have someone that can help her feel more connected to the Universal Magick. I find myself inspired to embody more of my Heart Truths instead of the Shadow Hat Characters I had become sooooooo accustom to “playing”, with her in my life. Selkie helped me through the death of “Nature Girl” and the Hero within my manhood. She also stood by my “Villain’s” side as I got up and showed everyone the truth inside of me without fear. So I had not only respect for her, I felt safe and loved in ALL my forms with her and she helped set the tone for ALL other connections coming into my life….

….together we almost became each other’s Heroic Muses which is where this title and concept even originated; we inspired and uplifted each other! and always helped reflect in our interpersonal relationships with Divine Masculine and our own Inner Divine Femininity, as we continued to discover what we even wanted in a Divine Partnership alongside each other…

From our LIVE on “Spiritual Gear”

….I hadn’t realized I would share so much about Selkie, but truly I am GRATEFUL to have her in my life, as an ally on the Sacred Quest and as a part of another Essence we witch-crafted together; “The Crazy Crew”, which is another story altogether. I have never met someone that reflects my Heart Truths back to me like she does; there was NO ONE that “Imagined Danced” like we did and to this day I have yet to meet another Soul that does what we do in our embodiment. The way we interact is Healing for both of us, every single time. We even recently (as I am editing this weeks later before posting publicly) alchemized through the Fae Mouse together and continued flowing in the Heroic Muse Essence, we openly call each other out on Victim Shaming and Dispel so many illusions from our experiences anytime we connect.

I am grateful to have her as a friend. Her entire Essence of Being is an infusion of Heroism, direct inspiration from Spirit and the Fae and if anyone was a Muse at their Core, it was Selkie. She embodies the Selkie Soul Resonance I always felt inside but that was trapped inside a wounded Siren Archetype. I feel deep Feminine Nurturing and Strong Stable Masculinity in our Reflectionship 🙂

We were definitely a match made in heaven and I was grateful to exist this lifetime and share this experience with her 🙂

Until next time,

~ Raven

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