Salt Spring Island…

What IS it about this mystical place in British Columbia’s Salish Seas?

To be honest I haven’t dove too deep into researching it’s history because so much of how I adore experiencing my Earth Walk and Sacred Quest is learned from being right IN such things. However, tourism aside, Salt Spring Island is a very magical place indeed.

Having only been there once, in the fall of 2020, once my two feet stepped onto the Islands crystal core I could feel the soul resonance: the FAE are there! and not just “the little people” of which most refer to as “Faerie” or “Faery” or “Fairy” or even “Fey” but the actual soul coded frequencies of the original Fae themselves.

Now, this won’t mean much to most stumbling across this very post, but to those whose soul calls them forth to the Island, it is a truth that can be felt within ones very bones and blood. I was excited and honoured to be awarded the opportunity to go back there. The history of the Island is rich, diverse in energies and though it would appear to be a place for well-off retired artists mixed with “Hippie” cultures wanting to camp and be of the land, it truly has some magic in its very core essence.

The crystal core of the Island itself can be felt immediately to those vibrating within the New Earth Crystalline grid structure and it provides a washing over of healing and deep sense of inner grounding in something bigger than the individual. Historically, the first known settlers were African Americans escaping California and Hawaiian’s hired to work in the whaling industry. There are also Irish roots there that have added to the stories of Mermaids and Faeries alike. One can find evidence of the faerie in not only the earthly environment but the Fairy Door trail that is a hot spot for tourists seeking to reconnect with this side of themselves. In the Islands “city” centre there is also a statue of a famous Mermaid, Nerissa who is said to watch over the sailors of the Island and is branded with the quote “Service over Self”, after my own personal deep exploration of my own Inner Merbeing that seemed like such a fitting title for how being a mermaid actually felt.

During my visit, I met an artist named Paul on the Ferry as I crossed over from Swartz Bay Victoria to SSI and he told me this: the Island is protected by energies of the Guardian Angels and the Essence itself is Divine Feminine in flow. He told me that those feeling the call to the island were being asked to dive deeper into their own truths for a sense of renewal and healing. He did also warn me, that if the Divine femininity of the Island didn’t agree with you, “she would chew you up and spit you right out” he told me a great many tales of individuals that had passed through before my time and hadn’t passed the test. “She” was a place to be protected, honoured, valued and cared for. He also added “that those who aligned with her at heart would be watched over and cared for as they healed to a deeper level of truth within themselves”. …

…I had come to the island on bike actually, with the direct intention of healing and camping solo for the first time. This felt like the reflection I needed to continue on my long bike trip across the island and so I asked him “What is the masculinity of this place then?” he replied instantly, “Oh! the masculinity here is pure creativity” and didn’t really elaborate on what that might manifest as but I knew in my heart that I needed to return to this place before I had even arrived.

The trip and experience itself was epically transformational and it most definitely a tale for another time. However, now I sit here, it’s June and my heart feels like it’s already there. I can’t “See” clearly what the unfolding will be like but already things have begun aligning for a full community to take shape. I had a feeling that once out there, I would reawaken parts of myself that have remained dormant over here in Ontario. I couldn’t wait to meet the new species of Trees, Faerie and Creatures alike. Ravens, Deer, Orcas and Seals…. and so much more in the physical realm were just some of the animals calling to my soul path.

I hadn’t heard from the Hobbit; Joel, who I would be staying with in a while, but I trusted him and his word. He was a man of little words, unless we were reflecting through a scheduled call. As someone full of lavishly eloquent words designed to paint one into the very heart of themselves, I valued when one was not that wordy. Though silence perplexed me, it allowed me to trust the words that he did choose to express and the last I had heard from him, he said that he and his brother would be happy to host me for 2 weeks to a month so I could have a home base to expand my Quest out west. I was really grateful for Joel. We didn’t really feel close, but it felt aligned and that was enough. He actually reflected something to me the last time we had spoke; he said “I just pay attention to the energy and ask myself ‘is this going forwards or backwards?'” I thought that was genius and it is a practice I had since adopted since speaking to him.

I hadn’t booked my flights yet, as I still held some fears of the last time I had attempted to rush out there blindly. That trip was cancelled and the other party involved no longer in my life experience. I was sad to lose an Elf as an ally because from what I’ve learned of them; they are actually the very Fae beings that I myself identify as; just in a different form. Such IS the way of the Fae! Shapeshifting is an innate skill all Faery beings posses naturally, grounding that skillset as your own Master was another thing entirely. Anyway, I had a feeling we would cross paths again, I was open to it and would be in Vancouver soon too, so who knows maybe I would brave reaching out to see how the Mountain Elf was doing with these massive upgrades we had last week.

The interesting thing about the Fae Soul coding was in our individual perceptions of them and though I am not discounting how others would like to ground them into physical reality; they were riddled (literally) with pathways of distortion and disruption leading the true Fae beings that were here to bridge and mend the Faery Accord into “traps”. I called this Archetypal Structure “The Fae Mouse” and it makes complete sense of why we would want to trap a Fae but the issue is most Fae don’t even understand or SEE that they are mice in the rat race because they project that separation outwards as “Normies” and they most definitely don’t understand that they have eaten the proverbial cheese inside any “trap” because it is a trap they have designed for themselves, that leverages this separation of “normie” and “enlightened” to blind their hearts.

This is most definitely a topic for another day as the way one designs this trap is as individual as the unique soul themselves. Thankfully, I have been working with others to unlock and “free up” these frequencies and will be able to guide others out of their own inner workings in order to embody a more authentic Fae Essence that we can ground internally as we merge in Union with the Human Vessel we inhabit. I will definitely discuss more about this on my instagram and will be rolling out more and more in regards to these inner truths because my Soul Purpose is to help the Fae reach inner Union and also to help aid them in grounding their gifts into the New Earth structures which will help raise the vibrations of the 3D reality.

Sigh, it is funny that a post about Salt Spring Island caused all these Fae stories to unfold out of me. That in an of itself was exciting and I ended up hearing from Joel just as I was writing this out. I am looking forward to solidifying my expedition out here in the land where Ancestral lines that are still entangled in my own Fae Soul Coding so I can properly clear and ground my Heart out there and begin the journey of moving my life out west. I already had another friend that was moving out there too, a Naiad that I knew from my good friend Cindy. She had secured a summer/fall position at Aloha Farms on the island and would be there when I was set to arrive. This just added to the magic of the entire experience.

Anyway, I finally felt like I was gaining some sort of clarity into a deeper Heart Path that was in alignment with me and the Faerie and that was exciting!

Until next time,

~ Raven

4 thoughts on “Salt Spring Island…”

  1. If I lose the ability to recognize if the story had ever really happened or it is a fantasy of a writer I appreciate the fairy tale state it puts me in. 🙂

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    1. Ahhh why thank you! I believe in writing there is always a little bit of both. Though I have always attempted to hide truth inside fantasy so that those that need to know the truth do and those that don’t, well don’t 🙂


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