That’s the Faery Oracle card that I carefully turned over after asking the Fae what I could write in a vibration of service for them…

…. the book by Jessica Macbeth and the art and quotes from Brain Froud and the very magic that emanates throughout the entire experience is quite something. So, with that being said, I hadn’t even read the cards actual meaning. I had been slowly reading the writings and exploring the deck intuitively; even including it in my own Full Moon Ritual with so much Flower Magick my heart just felt bigger when it arrived earlier than expected right upon the Full Moon Eve…

… Sigh.

The deck itself is one I have always known… but not personally. No, this was actually the deck that one of my Mentors, Papa Bear himself! lol… Jack and I just had that kind of connection, as I had known him since my early 20’s when I had lost my own father. He identified as walking the path of The Grey Druid and he always read others with this very same Faery Oracle, so it was a deck I never much got into on my own. This was the deck I would look forward to and have excitement for experience through Jack and his beautiful Mystical Divine Channel.

Presently, it was now a very Sacred Tool and almost felt like an Entity or Portal in its essence. The only real reason I now had my own in hand was actually because of Larissa. I don’t really know how to articulate my connection with her but when we reflect, it’s pure magic. So in working with both her, the Faerie and then integrating our own masculine in support of our femininity has been super powerful. So when she had purchased the Brain Froud Faery Oracle deck and things began flowing between us, I followed the call when I found a gift card for indigo I purchased one too!


This was the card that kept jumping out at me. The Faery in the card just looked so many emotions all at one time. The eyes were super captivating and drew me in immediately…I wanted to discover more about what the deck and cards felt like in my energy, as I had mentioned; it was an Entity not the same as other decks I had worked with. The Honesty Faery being was just looking at me. There was this stoic presence about the creature but also an innocence kinda of pleading with its pureness of being to be honest; those people that just make you feel like you’re immediately hiding something, even if you’re not.

… I wanted to ensure I was more honest with myself. I had legit just written the words, “I value honesty and integrity of character” in my journal not even 11mins prior to the reveal of #40: Honesty Faery staring me in the face as it rested on the edge of my laptop so I could use it to inspire this very story weaving because if the Fae wanted me to do anything it was to start talking more about them…

…. so let’s weave some dreams into reality…

Truthfully, I had been too scared to truly Dream again. Writing was really what I craved most, but every time I went to write I stopped half way through; scared to spellbind myself in the false dreams again. I hadn’t realized just how powerful words and Dreams truly are and I didn’t dare fantasize about men anymore either, so my manifesting became less about what I wanted and more about holding faith. I was really just allowing my old life to crumble “As the world falls down…..” it felt great! Things that from different, past Sacred Viewpoints seemed like hell on earth or completely “taboo” were feeling like MIRACLE BLESSINGS when I faced my reality head on and decided to OPEN MY HEART instead of running away from my Heart Path like some coward stuck in the mask of a Hero ….

…. I was realizing and witnessing that MAGIC IS TRULY INSIDE US!!!!

I just found out that I can officially stay in Salt Spring Island for up to a month this Aug/Sept…. and I am feeling beyond grateful. I am also a little nervous about British Columbia in general because I have been in alignment to be there and my Children are here, in Ontario. So there’s a lot of energetics that come into play. Lots of trust. Lots of family healing and honest, open dialogue. However, at the end of the day I can’t stay in a life that I hate just because I had Children with someone I no longer wish to be with. I can’t force Colin to come with me and he doesn’t have to. I am grateful for Colin in my life! He’s a great Father and if I died today my Children would be completely fine and looked after; that’s a blessing to have as a Mother embodied. Anyway, I just keep opening my HEART… and told him to open to HIS dreams; we have karmic bonds = kids together = we are in the Weave together!

From what I’ve learned through the embodiment of the reverse detangling of my own Dreams is that we limit ourselves by thinking in only the 3rd dimensions. Having Children with someone IS karmic and knowing how that works in the Ethers and other Realms is a very Sacred Viewpoint to have earned through experience. I had even told Colin “No, I don’t want or need you to open to MY dreams, I need you to open your heart to YOUR dreams” this might seem odd but it’s that Heart alignment that manifests quickly in the lower denseness. So him opening to his dreams would eventually realign with my own due to the nature of the Karmic Bond!

Anyway, moving out west is something I’ve always spoken to my Children about. They’ve always known that it was something that I had to do and would eventually do…. it was in me. My blood felt like death here in the GTA, but I was still grateful for all that I had here in EPIC Friends. Like purely divine. So loving! I just can’t believe I have healthy friendships without Sister/Mother wounds playing out and all that wounded masculine BS… I was a healed Siren Rake!! FUCK that felt badass! lol The reason, other than my Children, I was still in Ontario was strictly “business” I had lots of Ancestral duties to fulfill, including grounding the Masculine Heart of Avalon… but that is most definitely a story for another day.

I was beginning to realize and understand how intrinsic my path was to the Fae and that the next step; reaffirmed by the Honesty Faery still staring me down, involved me finally owning truths that not many people would understand. However, I had seen that this would allow others to open their hearts to the Fae in ways we were only just beginning to experience and the way that it would ripple out would be part of a larger evolution of the Human race and our Earth itself.

Sigh, Honesty indeed.

I hope I’ll be able to dream again in the ways that I used to, I feel like it’s coming. My Inner Union is finally feeling sturdy with my masculinity able to fully hold and support my femininity to express and be. I feel really proud of myself for embodying a healing pathway of Divine Masculinity in a Female Vessel. The fear that still had a hold of me was that I might feed off my own Magick again… but that was an old version of Self and the Ocean was calling my soul out to the waters, with better, more aligned beings and I could be proud of the man I was inside now.

Nature’s Divine Union was felt inside me now and though I still very much craved a person to share my life with, at least I felt whole and balanced and in love alone.

Until next time,

~ Raven

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