….I can’t stop writing

It was 5:55pm on the stove and my microwave and I just glanced over as this magical tune was on and my mind resisted the song download being presented to me. I couldn’t trust my creative channels anymore, I felt like the spiritual alliances I had spent nearly my entire life forging inside my imagination were wiped clean in my head like a bitch slap across my face.


I’m not getting lost inside that Fairytale chain of bullshit. My intended purpose for weaving The Story Series was to showcase examples of TRUE unconditional love and it has over 200 scenes in a binder and 50 done up ready to film in google drive…

….what I hadn’t realized was all the ancient wisdom contained inside it. It was magical archtypes, or as Jung would’ve preferred to label them: Spirits humans could and did activate inside themselves. I can’t un see all the truths that I did recently. Conscious Disney was now the understatement of the century…. I have unlocked things much bigger than me, for it is and was never mine, I was simply the willing channel participant for the Forest and all it’s magical creatures.

I’m not sure what compelled me to do a blog entry since right now, as it stands I want nothing to do with the things I was weaving. I feel I was avoiding my most potent magicks, my most powerful service and my most authentic embodiment of self in this particular human experience.

….none of it seemed to matter much to me at all anymore.

Whenever I’ve felt like I couldn’t go on in the past I’ve rerooted myself in the only place I know is true in my heart: Nature… so this time I really revisit my darkest parts and I don’t mean the ones that I chose to embody that were not mine to begin with, but those of karmic lessons, soul contracts and ties….I’m talking about the TRUE tigers stripes the call of the Raven and Panther inside myself, Balancing them with the beautiful Swan and Doe… I just feel so unbelievably called to the waters….

…So it is to the Seas I must go, I have been longing to travel west but it would seem to head west feels like I’m taking a masculine action towards that direction and east is flowing into my awareness with opportunities… so I remain open, remain willing to adapt change and flow but I have openly decided that I want a reset. I need a break from worrying about others and I wish to regain a sense of power balancing my maiden, mother and crone energy…

….my haunting voice LONGS for the waters and darkness and moon….

….I am open to wherever the winds take me and I wish to see the mountains by winter…. I feel called to their magic as well….

This is Day One of my newest version of self…

….for the other dream weaver me died on the bathroom floor and I was ready to let all those things go…. for my true nature and magical self needed to rebuild, relearn and embrace each moment on the path of a Nature Warrior…. keeping the Trees was such a responsibility and right now Hemlock and Fir call me into the deep waters …. Mother Willow also sings to me and asks that I fully embody the call of a Healed Siren…. the call of the Divine Mother Nature that can light the way for the lost children ….

…for a new wave of Magic is upon us and it is something I know I needed to travel to gain more wisdom on…. Spirit keeps whispering BC in my heart but I never trust anything I have to chase when my vibration magnets everyone and everything I need along my quest…

….so I am relaxed, open and observing any breadcrumbs I can follow to my highest path adventure…

Heart open,

~ Raven

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