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How to find a “Tree Key” and Connect Deeper to Trees!

I’m not sure where this concept originated, all I can tell you is that on my individual journey I was told this special secret from a wise old Oak tree a few years back. This was at a time where I had only just begun to remember the deep connection I had forgotten I had to Trees. As I’ve mentioned here before, I reset myself back into alignment when I travelled to the jungles of Nicaragua and studied there under a Shaman.. most shamanic paths and lineages, if not all, share one common ingredient: Nature. They all lived in harmony with the earth mother as a fluid, connection to self, community and spirit. This allowed the Seers of the great pasts access to, what I call Spirit. You may call this force whatever you’d prefer as labels aren’t needed in the knowledge that we all collectively share. Village Shaman, Healer’s, Sages… all accessed that infinite knowledge through nature, even more specifically; plants. All plants have a gift to share for those who choose this truth, and Trees are no different.

I’m not great with plants, believe it or not I find it difficult to hear them as well as I can hear the Trees. So maybe you’ll find your “Key” needs to be to something else. However, if you start with Trees then I can promise you they will help aide you to connect deeper to the specific, unique things you wish to explore and love. Trees are one of the easiest gateways to access our connection to Nature, which in turn reflects your connection to self. The great thing about this is that even though deforestation is on the rise, due to more municipalities declaring a Global Climate Emergency, there are Trees everywhere!

Trees energy is not only easier to access than higher planes, but once skilled at connecting to them one can begin to experiment with journeying to vast Forest Systems within their imagination by simply connecting to a single Tree. This is exciting news in times like these, where we are asked to remain indoors, isolated and cut off from that which humanity so desperately needs at this time. Bonding with a Tree and earning its trust enough to be offered a “Key” to it should be viewed as an honour. This same action, done mindlessly, in separate disconnect will not yield the same results. This is why, in my honest opinion, as a dedicated warrior of the forest, we need to take our Tree time seriously.

Trees, like plants, are the only form of unconditional love on earth. Most humans believe that animals show us unconditional love, like a dog still licking you if you beat it, but I would challenge you on that belief. We are a animal and animals are living in a fight/flight reptilian brain and nature is not. Nature flows and loves and gives and a Tree is a portal, a doorway: the proverbial “rabbit hole” your inner child so desperately longs to dive into.

So allow me to share my personal findings about fetching yourself a Tree Key so you can unlock your most authentic self starting today…

Step #1: Form a relationship with a Tree of you Choosing.

Trees want you to understand they, like us are a living thing. They share your breath, are rooted in the earth and reach for light. They are a grounding energy at the vibration of 4D unconditional love that eventually, with practice, can elevate you to 5D consciousness. This is the place we should all be striving to be because it’s very comforting to feel wholeness without needing something outside oneself. So until you get there on your own, why not lean on a Tree and it will guide you there. To form a deeper bond with a tree please check out my vid below on How to Connect with Trees. (I will always recommend visiting the same tree(s) repeatedly, as this deepens your intimacy, much like a pet or a spouse/friend).

Step #2: Share a Secret. 

From my experience Trees are like this individual sentient beings, all have different personalities, though specific species usually all share the same energy, the deeper you go into the trees, the deeper the connection gets, the higher the frequency of energy. WTF does that mean??! you ask?! Well what that means is that at a lower vibration of awareness, let’s call it beginner level: you will most likely experience each Tree as it’s own separate personality, which is perfect! This will allow you to open yourself up to the infinite energy flows available to you through the Trees…eventually. First, you must open yourself up to a Tree. Each Tree, though unconditional in their love of all that is, still need to know that you’re serious about gaining this universal access. So showing them vulnerability and allowing them to support you through your trials and tribulations, much like a close friend or wise mentor will open you up to higher streams of Tree consciousness, then you might begin to find that all Maples seem to share a personality or at even higher states, all Trees have the same message. This is why I recommend opening up to your Tree as a “offer” of vulnerability in self.

Step #3: Learn to tap into the flow of Tree Energy.

It’s easy I assure you, anyone with an imagination and a sense of presence can achieve this. Besides, as an added bonus, those suffering from depression or anxiety will find this Tree Practice quite satisfying and healing. I believe in a sentient reality, where every single animal, rock, creature has a spiritual Animistic Essence. You can create your own Tree Circuit, by simply placing your hands onto a Tree and breathing with it through the ground into your body, pushing the energy back into the Tree…allow that cycle to change direction and keep breathing!

Step #4: Trust yourself.

Your intuition is that inner knowing of what is right according to YOU. That’s right you, not your mom, not your dad, not your best friend from College/University. Everyone, though the same at a core level of energy, has their own unique path, their own unique truth and their own unique inner knowing. This inner knowing can be accessed differently for each person. Some of us are more in tune with how we feel, some of us have more of a “knowing” and some still hear the Trees voices prior to being able to sense their energy. I myself as an example am a born Seer, so my original connection to them began with my imagination and third eye sight. It was only once I had rooted into my dance that I began to remember myself as an Empath and thus began truly FEELING, HEARING and KNOWING the Trees again. Prior to that I could only see pictures they sent to me and even now it’s still more hearing and “sight” that guides me through my movement and storytelling. You must trust that whatever you are experiencing is true. For do not fear if it is not, the truth always reveals itself and you are but a novice, go easy on yourself.

Step #5: Begin to meditate with your Tree. 

Meditation with a Tree can be as simple as resting your back up against is and breathing with it while you consciously observe the world around you. Or it can develop into a devotional meditative ritual including journeying, dance and quiet stillness like it has developed for me. Just BEing in a Trees presence is enough to quiet the mind, if you’re not there yet try observing it. What can you see? Can you hear the leaves in the wind? Can you smell the flowers on it’s branches? Can you feel the roughness of it’s bark? or the softness of it’s leaves? These are all mindful observations one can make while sitting with a Tree. If you choose to develop a deeper more spiritual connection to the Trees I would highly recommend devoting meditational time (whatever it looks/feels like to you as a unique individual).

Step #6: Ask and trust the answer. 

I mean I hope and assume that by this point you’ve spent at least a couple times with a special Tree of your choosing, whether on the sidewalk streets, in your backyard, on the trails or otherwise. Hopefully you didn’t even need this step and you already have your Trees Key in hand and you can’t wait to comment below because you’ve realized you didn’t even need my help to connect with a Tree at all. However, maybe you’re still reading and have never even attempted to connect with a Tree before. So this is what I would say to you. A Key to a Tree is a gift. It is essentially a piece of the Tree (usually a branch or piece of bark) that you have intuitively perceived the Tree is offering to you. No one can tell you which Key is yours, no one can tell you what your Key will look like, but only you will know. The reason asking is so important is because, as I have mentioned above, all plants have a gift and so if we connect, respect and then ASK our Tree for a Key to it, the Tree will infuse what Shaman’s call “it’s essence” inside the offering. This step is crucial because otherwise we are essentially holding onto a piece of deadwood. I have had people share with me that they were grabbing different pieces of their special Tree and met resistance, but then one piece magically fell off with ease. That is it. That is your Trees Key! Check out my video before for examples of a Tree “No” vs a Tree “Yes” in regards to getting yourself this exciting treasure to aid you on your quest.

Step #7: Give Thanks by using your new found Tree Key!

Yes! we are here and you finally have a not only a Tree friend but a Key to it’s heart as well. This is spectacular and quite the feat! So pat yourself on the back and know that Mother Earth sees, feels, knows and loves you. Now for the fun part, you can now use this Key along with your meditation practice and your imagination to visit and connect with your Tree….even when you aren’t physically present with it. This is exciting for me to share because right now we are in the middle of a Global pandemic and if we can all connect to Trees and learn the tricks to do so without being next to them that will help us in these times of darkness and isolation. How you choose to meditate with your Trees Key is up to you. However, if I may share one thing I would suggest going somewhere quiet and sitting comfortable while holding your Key to your Tree. Close your eyes and breathe. With each breath visualize you sitting with your Tree. Imagine feeling it’s bark and trunk against you. Open your third eye (imagination) and visualize how the branches look, what smells and noises you experience. Imagine yourself there with the Tree and simply become the observer to what you’re experiencing. As time goes on you will get better at this. Check out this guided Tree Meditation from Animist Ecology to kick start your imagination!

Thank you SOOOOOO much for reading this and committing to yourself by forming a deeper connection to Trees. They are always eager to help you, support you and love you. Trust that the wisdom you gain through your connection with the Trees is as old as time….

Honoured to Quest with you,

~ Raven

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