Nature Heals, The Trees

Why YOU Should Connect to Trees!

Trees are a Gateway back to Nature. I live in my truth that nature is us and we are it. Most of us live a life of separateness thinking we need to compete or that we are superior to nature; plants/animals/resources. When in fact nature is just a mirror to who we are as a collective. Trees can be leveraged for their grounding, supportive qualities to ease the mind and ground the spirit in loving aware presence.

Reason #1: Trees get you outside!

When one chooses to regularly connect with Trees, especially in winter when trees take up all of the landscape with their admirable nudity, standing completely bare in their authenticity. They will eventually come to find they’d like to get outside more. This is because since the energetic pathways between trees are so easy to access ALL humans can access their “Lorax” powers and gifts readily. So connecting to trees as a way to ground and heal yourself can get your ass off the couch!

Reason #2: Trees are great meditation buddies!

Just sitting with a tree or out in nature can be extremely meditative. For those of us that suffer from AD(H)D and other mental/behavioural illnesses trees can become your best friends. Meditation can be difficult for most to begin and if I’m completely honest, it’s very difficult for me, so that’s why I head outside to get my dose of mindfulness. Forest bathing, a Japanese art form of mindfulness practices listing off everything you can presently observe within the 5 senses, touch, feel, smell, sound, sight etc. I like to take my tree meditations even deeper by activating my 6th sense, the imagination, when I am outside among them. I urge you to give it  a try!

Reason #3: Trees are a beautiful mirror of how to love yourself.

Trees mirror back who we currently are with metaphors of what we are currently noticing about them/projecting onto them. One might notice that all the trees on their hike have several different trunk systems and apply that to the many paths they’re currently following in their daily life. I have found that trees hold a lot of wisdom and knowledge that one can find by simply observing them and tapping into their intuition. Whatever you’re perceiving from them is usually a gift of how to love yourself more. Trees model authenticity and growth, reaching towards the heavens in service. It is a very noble example one can always access if they ask. Check out my post on this.

Reason #4: Trees are the air you breathe.

It’s true. Grade 4 science will teach you this truth that cellular respiration and photosynthesis are symbiotic and therefore what the trees exhale we inhale and vice versa. The reason I love trees so much is that this scientific form of proven exchange is one of our easiest access points to the sentient depth of trees available to you. I usually tell people having a difficult time letting go and accepting that Trees are a living breathing entity they can tap into to just let go and breathe. When we breathe consciously with a tree, in awareness that there IS a cycle connecting us it helps connect us to nature at other levels. So start with a breath. In a worst case scenario your breathing will calm your anxious mind down.

Reason #5: Trees give you all the answers you seek

As mentioned about in the self love mirror I truly believe trees know what love would do in every situation. When I studied under Ibex Vinod in the jungles of Nicaragua he would always tell us to go to the trees whenever we had inner questions or we were battling deeply ingrained old patterns or stuck in the stories of our wounds. Trees can reflect the answers you so deeply seek within yourself and one only needs to ask and simply trust the observed and experienced answers.

Reason #6: Trees will hold space for you.

Trees are alive and we can communicate with them. They are also deeply rooted into the energy of Mother Earth and reach their branches out into the Fathers light. This allows for quite a “safe parental” feeling of home when we choose to lean up against one. Crying into them can feel profoundly satisfying and comforting and since they can’t communicate in the same way we can, your secrets are always safe with a tree too. Don’t be afraid to find a private secluded tree friend you can revisit repeatedly and really pour your heart out to. If you take the time to revisit and express to a tree this will only help your bond to them. Who knows! You might even find just having that sounding board of supporting love energy is enough to hold you as you process your own wounds.

Reason #7: Trees are unconditional Love.

This is a truth I bleed out of my heart. Trees are love. They are a love I aspire to be, a whole being love and real love, a beautiful love where it knows no conditions, no bounds, no judgement. If Trees were a human they would be Jesus. Trees hold a christ conscious energetic vibration of true pure unconditional love and nothing else on earth has this gift to readily share and show you. Tapping into something that gives without expectation, that grows around whatever outside experience is happening, that holds no grudges for injury, that despite all things accepts authentic self and others as it grows in SERVICE to the light. If you connect to a tree in a place of love it will teach you all of lives lessons. I don’t think I could’ve forgiven myself and others for my past experiences had I not had the Tree Elders to guide me through those tough truths.

Reason #8: Trees are Great Playmates!! Inner Child Activators!

Trees are playful AF and this is something we take for granted when we are young and forget about once we are old. Trees are wise but I have learned that the wisest of beings are also the most fun and playful. This is because they have learned how important feeding, loving and supporting that inner child is. So Trees love when you climb them, read with them, dance with them, play with them, get silly and make houses in them. Trees love to be playmates on this emotional journey called life that is the human experience.

Reason #9: Trees unlock your inner Fae Soul Self.

Connecting to nature and specifically Trees anchors you back into your magical Fae Soul and once there the wildlife and plants notice that you have accepted the truth that you are no different from them. You have connected deeply enough that now you known you are nature. Animals, bugs, birds, even plants will begin to be more in your space, they will see you as equal, as you reflect that truth in them and you can even sing to them too! I have found that once accepted by the forest through the trees the message that you’re safe quickly spreads throughout the forest and you will by default attract more magically enchanted Faerie inspired experiences.

Reason #10: Trees are an important gateway back to nature.

We are nature and the trees can definitely help you remember that truth. Trees exist in all three main planes of existence; the underworld, the present world or “reality” and the upper-world. For this reason and so many more they are one of the easiest, most inherently intuitive things to access both nature and thus self. When one works with nature to heal the self, that love and balance is returned onto the self in a beautiful energetic exchange that is happening whether we are aware of it or not. Tree energy as a whole is a denser vibration at trunk level and their auric fields are vastly large, a trees roots are also connected into the inner workings of a massive fungal network of communication in the 3D existence we call reality. This makes them a natural pathway and/or tool in order to connect into our more sentient reality.

Reason #11: Trees remind us that we are always provided for.

Trees give without judgement or expectations, nor conditions and they give all of themselves. Whether it’s food on our table or the actual table itself, trees are a simple reminder that we always have what we need. They also remind us that nature provides us with all that we need. Trees bare many edible fruits, nuts and flowers, not to mention provide a multitude of uses and medicines. It is said that every plant has a special unique gift to offer and trees are no different. You can find out more about tree medicine by visiting the Living Earth School of Herbology if you’re local to the GTA or a quick Google search.

Reason #12: They’ve asked for this.

The trees have a great eagerness to co-exist with us. They want to share their wisdom hold you with loving support, give to you in ways outside of their flesh for lumber. Trees would like people to know them. That is a truth that I live by.  Trees have many spokesmodels and everyone has a lens that is uniquely theirs. I encourage you to take time to get to know a special tree that you can repeatedly visit so you too, might come to find your magical powers. Bottom line is this – the more of us making tree-friending something normal, the better the world at large will be.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you take time today to share a conscious breath with a tree!

Thank you,

~ Raven

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