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Trees are just puppies

IMG_5898Trees are the keys to the forest, and the forest is our temple, Mother Gaia – our Goddess. I once met another shaman, or natural seer, if you will, who compared trees energy as that of “licky puppies”. At first, I scoffed at the comparison, but the more I thought about it, he was right. Trees are the easiest access points to heaven; they are a gateway into self. They’re eager to meet you and engage with you, they want you to talk to them, to remember them in times of need, to touch them, lean on them, and breathe with them. They want you there noticing them. Last winter, after finding myself feeling so out of alignment with my true self, hitting rock bottom. I made my way to the forest and began deeply connecting to the trees. They healed me, supported me and grew me unto my true self, all I had to do was get to know them and they freely shared their knowledge. It is them who I look to as a pillar of true unconditional love as they feed the forest, touching both earth and sky like sentient beings of light. So last winter, as I found love in my heart I knelt by a wise old “Dead” White Oak and dedicated myself to them, for they are love. They only asked me for one thing…


They wanted me to bring people to meet them. They asked me to speak for them. They wanted me to imagine, to remember the part of me that is them. Trees allow one to enjoy that freedom of being. They introduce you to the place where anything is possible. As you develop a connection to a tree they can take you to a place where magic exists. That part of our being that is rooted in all that we are. Where we are everything and nothing all in the same breath. That beautiful knowing where we are nature and nature is us.

The trees would like you to know that they are not only eager to help you build that connection to self, but they are the “licky puppies” of the wild landscapes in the natural world….

…and who doesn’t like puppies?!

~ Raven

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