Path of The Shaman

Look in the mirror of love.

As my relationship deepens with self, so does it deepen with nature. I no longer look to a squirrel as merely a squirrel, but a being, a teacher, a lesson; a mirror.

If there is one thing I’d like to give to others it’s a deep inner connection with nature. I find it sad that people live their lives without knowing or experiencing the healing, supportive touch of this beautiful motherly energy.


I actually think a lot of us more feminine types, myself included, fear deepening our connection with the natural world. Mainly because it has historically been dominated by the more rugged masculine images, of wild animalistic fight vs flight. Nature is typically just more inviting to a more masculine vibe and my instagram stats prove this. Nature has been made to be bold, daring, for hunting, sports, getting down and dirty; a “mans world” etc…which tends not to appeal to the more delicate feminine energies out there. Don’t get me wrong, I am not speaking gender here – I’m speaking old conditioning and energy.


However, there are such beautiful aspects in nature that embrace those more vulnerable, creative and flowing vibes found in the female energies. Nature can be truly magical when you look at it from this inspiring energetic lens. I look to the forest as a world I can create and imagine, one where I can be that elven goddess or allow myself to ponder the existence of fairies, unicorns or even simply a world where one can talk to animals and flowers….remembering that child inside.

The path of shamanism has given a label to the “crazy” things I grew up instinctively doing. That’s right instinctually; this isn’t learned, it’s KNOWN. Known in my blood like my ancestors before me, these are deeper knowings. That of both the feminine emotional knowing and the masculine responsive knowing. They truly felt that nature was them, and so they were nature. Each of us carries this intrinsic knowledge. Nature then, can be our biggest natural guiding system and when we activate both the masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves, we can find many of the answers we often struggle to know about who we are, what’s important to us, or even who we dream to be; to become.


So to return to the example of the squirrel, you might see a “plain old squirrel” but when I choose to look at the squirrel as self, I can look to it as an example of being and reflect back on it’s lessons in my own life. I can look at it’s resourcefulness and planning skills, how well prepared they are for what’s coming in the months ahead as they gather their nuts and fatten their bellies. I can allow myself to look at the vastness of the landscapes, ever-changing, boldly allowing as just a part of self. When you start looking closer and brave talking to nature, trees, animals, or even fairies…you find an inner courage in owning that INNER knowing that you ARE a part of something bigger than you. Nature can make us feel like we are everything and nothing all in the same breath. That is a magnificent feeling.


It is our greatest mirror. If you walk outside with intention, wanting to know the answers you seek and you follow natures lead you will find clarity. That’s a promise. Whether you’re immersing yourself in nature by doing an activity and just being around it, taking a photograph to share it’s majesty with others or connecting with those “secret” elements of magic found only in these lush playgrounds – you will find self.


Nature IS who we are.

Take a look at yourself, look at the guiding lens the natural world gives you – unconditionally.

That is love….and to love nature IS to love self.

~ Raven


How do you connect with Mother Earth? 

I connect through forging deep relationships with the trees, leveraging animals and plants to advance my personal growth, provide advice. I also imagine! I PLAY outside and take a lot of photos. 

Do you resonate with a more masculine or feminine natural experience?

I’m definitely both 😀 Imagination meets wild animal! 

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