Personal Reflection

Winter. You have changed me.

Winter used to be something I dreaded, hated even. I couldn’t wait for it to be over with and other than the odd first snowfall or the one off birthday night out in heels and snow storms I wanted to move away from it, but then something changed …


It was January 1st 2017.

I was trying to start my life over and achieve some things that would actually end up taking me another entire year to complete.

I was depressed, sad, lonely…having the worst love-sick withdrawal and I said this is enough. I needed to do something for me. I needed to start my new life there.

Where was there?

Anywhere. Anywhere I could be what I remembered myself to be… I went back to the only place I knew I would feel the love I so deeply craved…


So I went outside to the freezing cold and into the snow covered forest.


That was my first hike of what would slowly build to many more. Over all of 2017 I went from a couple hikes a week to going outside and walking in nature every day (sometimes even multiple times!). Anytime I was left on my own to deal with emotions, when I needed a friend, someone to love me, any time I felt like I couldn’t make it through…..I went outside. I made the trees and mother earths loving touch a priority in my life and things began to change…

I still hated the cold at first but then I started learning how to dress warmer, how fun sliding down icy hills could be, how magical it is when you’re alone in the forest and there’s no wind and big fluffy snow is falling all around you like you’re in a movie.


I met the coolest, most unique individuals in the colder months. If you ever want to meet awesome people seek those out who love winter!

Everyone comes out once it’s warm outside. It’s the true magic seekers that brave frostbite for experience because they know that whether they’re on the slopes, in the forest, biking down a trail, sledding in the fields, ice skating on a pond…. they know that more than half of the world is probably indoors missing out on everything that winter is!


Winter lovers have adjusted to the cold to enjoy the magic of the season.

I found myself missing snow while in South America and I legit had tears come to my eyes today at how lucky I was to be in the forest during today’s snow fall in April.


Winter is the season to slow down and relax, to accept yourself and start rebuilding for spring, emerging as something new without even realizing you were growing to begin with. When I started valuing experience over my discomforts I slowly adapted and now the cold is a small price to pay for the pure joy the season gives me.

Blessed for the snow today as it allowed me to let go of my guilt wanting to retrograde into some past memories…. but it also let’s me look ahead to spring and I’m pretty excited to see how the things I planted this winter will emerge 🙂


If you had told me two years ago I’d be the being that just wrote this positive post about winter I’d have laughed in your face…. change your view, change your life.

Now I find I actually really respect the quieter pace of winter and all that it brings us. For me, winter taught me how to be alone. That was a lesson I really needed and wanted to learn. For when I’m alone… I can be me without restrictions and I love that girl.

Until next time,

~ Raven

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