Path of The Shaman

The trees are alive.

I can’t even remember when it happened. I couldn’t tell you if it was over time or over night, but happen it did. I am ever-changed as a result.


I’ve always connected with nature and I’ve actually always looked to the trees and felt their power. There’s nothing quite like a tree. You can’t get better than a large oak tree on the outskirts of a field, almost towering over the edge of the forest on one side and watching over the vast surrounding meadow on the other. You just feel a knowing inside that that’s the boss.

There’s a certain type of magic in nature that one can’t see unless they look from their child eyes…. it’s a wonderland of possibilities.


You can be anything you want to be in nature and it calls to us in a way that encourages…even begs our imaginations to play with it…

… play I did.

And the more I played out there in the forest…. the more the trees came to life out there beside me.

They literally came alive.


The lessons I have been given from my time spent along side them are priceless and I am grateful.

Trees show us a true love without condition – They give freely, without judgement and being around them makes me feel humble. They’re sacrifice for all life is admirable. They take the weight of whatever we throw at them. They can take it. So I often curl up next to one and release a lot of crap.

They’re are also wise….


Oh, so wise.

If you watch a tree change through each season you begin to realize how much knowledge they hold. I learn at least 5 things about myself while walking in the woods each day. They commit to their goal of reaching the light, while creating a solid foundation, rooted in all they stand on. They bend and twist, leverage each other climb higher. It’s beautiful to see how they work together and adapt to their surroundings.

My relationship with them deepened this winter….you just can’t look at a tree in the winter and not feel in awe of how they stand there … completely naked.


Completely exposed.

You see them in all they are. Their flaws, Their breaks, Their decisions, Their everything…. you see them. You see their true form without all the flowers, fruit and nuts. They accept themselves as they are and live in complete vulnerablility…. and they stand firm still in all that they are.

It’s admirable.

I admire trees. I’ve even started bowing to them and their greatness and it makes me feel  like the world is one and all is as it should be. As I acknowledge them as what they actually are; my elders, the more they give me. As they fill my heart I can more easily receive the limitless energy of the planet and I feel like the world is mine.

….but mine in a humble way. Not one of ego.


It’s mine to be a part of, mine to protect…mine to share.

It might sound crazy to some but as a girl walking a shamanic path nature is all that I know. It has my trust over everything else. It never lies. It just is.

I’m so grateful for my ability to connect with the trees.

They have healed me and I only hope to return the favour in any way I can as I continue along my path.

To the trees and all their glory!


If you’re ever lost, I promise you they are listening and they are there. Nature is always willing to take on anything we can’t. Mother earth is always taking away our mess. Just be sure to send it some love back when you can 🙂


Some call me the Lorax, as I speak for the trees…

…I love the trees because they show me what love is. Love is beautiful.

They make me want to be that.

~ Raven

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